Con-bet In poker: Bet or Not?

When should I not use A con-bet?

, the term continuation bet Con-beta is known to Every playerOn the flop, it represents The subsequent bet after the Preflop raise. In other words, you need To capture the initiative, which Appears during the raise on The flop. Such a bet should show Your opponent that you are Still strong, and the flop Only helped you. Thanks to such a powerful Technique as a continuation bet, You will often be able To take the pot completely Without a struggle. If you start using a Continuation bet every time you Place a pre-flop bet, You will have problems. You can earn income with The help of a cont-Beta, but it becomes less Profitable if you perform it Every time. It is necessary to choose The optimal balance, otherwise your Actions will become predictable, as A result of which your Weakness will not turn out Very well. When you have raised a Preflop that has received a Large number of responses from Your opponents, a con-bet Won't do much good.

An increase in the number Of players fighting for the Pot makes it more likely That the flop will suit Either of them or their hands.

there will be a better Map than yours.By definition, a continuation bet Is a multi-bluff that Applies fold equity earned through A preflop raise.

If you have a large Number of players in the Pot, your fold equity decreases, While the probability of a Response increases. At the moment when this Happens, it is better if You have a good hand. Against Collin station. Based on the above, you Should not get carried away With a counter bet when You are playing against a Call station a player who Will certainly call any of Your bets. As the wisdom of poker Goes: you can't bluff Against Collin station. Before you decide on the Optimal game, such an opponent Should definitely be taken into account.

If your player pays easily Preflop, but then passes and Doesn't make it to The flop, the attack should Continue until the player throws Out the cards.

But you should always be Prepared for battle, in case There are players among your Opponents who can read the Game and are able to Learn for themselves benefit from Your actions. Allow your opponents to 'play' In the call station, but Only bet on mixed or High flops, where your opponents Will not be able to Understand the strength of your Hand and continue calling.

In the multi-slot against The table

The ideal option against such Players is to minimize con-Bets and bluffs.

With high draws and flops. For a con-bet, it Is suitable for every flop. If your opponents hit the Flop, they are more likely To call rather than bet.

Before placing a bet, try To guess your opponent's range.

If his cards are suitable For the flop, it is Better not to be active. If you get a combo Draw on the table, it'S best not to attack Without carrying anything. With constant counter-bets on Such boards, you will not Be able to avoid useless And constant spending of money. Don't forget about your Own range. Try to look at the Situation from the point of View of your opponent, to Guess his thoughts.

If you succeed, then the Flop will be your assistant, Despite the fact that you Can't do anything else.

on your dislike. Don't get hung up On the con-bets, because They are best suited in Situations where you get a Flop that supposedly helped you - As a rule, you will Perform a preflop raise with Large cards in your hands, Rather than any kind of trifle. when playing without a position, It becomes difficult for you To play. If you make it a Habit to place stop bets And always raise your bet After calling, your opponents will Notice and remember this. You will get to call Your raises when they are In position and wait for Your reaction. You can't knock them Out, so they'll get The pot.If you are out of Position preflop raising while playing With a tricky opponent, it Is best not to make Frequent contact bets without a card. Fighting for the pot without A position is difficult in Itself, and if you have A thinking opponent, it becomes Doubly difficult.

While in position, decisions are Easier to make, as you Can assess the strength of Your hand in relation to The opponent's actions.

This means that if you Have if you don't Know enough about your opponent'S hands, you'll be Able to use this technique More often. Without a position, you will Have to guess much more. In addition, you will not Get into the flop, but You will still need to Check-fold. You will have no other choice. With the eternal refrain. Fold equity is one of The most important factors that Suggests whether there is a Need to use a con-beta. In other words, the higher Your fold equity, the more Likely it is that your Opponent will throw out cards, So you need to place A continuation bet as often As possible. If you lose your fold Equity, you won't be Able to earn any more Money with your con-bets. Leave the fight for every Pot that has a claim On your rights with a Preflop raise. It is impossible to win Each one, but it is Easy to lose. Full or partial copying and Distribution of materials marked with Is prohibited.

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