Deluge of The best Poker books For beginners

Poker is a very common And exciting card game that Allows you to sometimes feel The real heat of passionBut in addition to having A bit of luck, winning Poker also requires a lot Of logic to build your Own moves and anticipate others'. That is why there are Many books, both for beginners And Amateurs, which explain all The subtleties of such a Game as poker. The book completely dispels the Myth of the unimaginable complexity Of mathematical calculations in the Process of playing poker. However, not don't exaggerate There's nothing to do In poker without math. This manual explains the basic Principles of poker mathematics quite clearly. This edition includes three volumes And is one of the Most respected textbooks in the World of poker players.

This book has been translated Into many languages and reprinted Several times.

Harrington is the author of The book, is a world Series champion in and the Owner of a gold bracelet.

The champion's combinations and Techniques that have been repeatedly Tested against different opponents are Described in detail in this manual. and how much is based On the players thoughts and Inner world.

This way, if you look At your opponent's motivation In more detail,you will Think about the reasons for Their moves, and then you Will be able to guess Their entire strategy.

This tutorial describes mechanisms that Have not previously been described In any poker books. We are talking about such An important aspect of the Game as the range of hands. One of the leading manuals On seven-card poker and Also the best work of D. Most of the game's Strategies are discussed in detail, As well as practical tips On how to get out Of various problematic situations.

The book is dedicated to Those who like to raise Their bets all the time, Despite the ever-increasing risk.

Often, players try to win Back by raising their bets, But suddenly they fall into The so-called "tilt".

The book clearly describes emotions And adrenaline and their impact On the style of play, As well as the consequences That this can lead to.

Highly recommended for players who Have little control over their excitement. The poker books described above Will not only teach you How to play efficiently and Thoughtfully if you are a Beginner, but also significantly raise The bar for your skill If you are already a Connoisseur of the game.

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