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High-limit cash games are Closely related to TRP

In poker, each player is Forced to choose what discipline And strategy they want to playThere are many options: for Fans of free graphics, BSS Is great cash game in Tight-aggressive or loose-aggressive style. For those who perceive poker As a sporting event, multi-Table tournaments are perfect. Along with the increase in Limits, the level of opponents At the tables also increases, So we have to look For new tactics and approaches. At this point, TRP poker Appears on the scene - a Mathematically verified game strategy that Does not allow opponents to Exploit your mistakes. TRP strategy in poker is The optimal game theory according To which you play your ranges. The GTO poker player uses Balanced, mathematically perfect tactics that Ignore the specifics of your Opponents strategy. These concepts may be difficult For poker beginners to understand, So for ease of understanding, We will explain TRP using An example that has nothing To do with poker. Together with the opponent, we Participate in a rock-paper-Scissors competition. In order for our TRP Strategy to be mathematically perfect, In each draw we will You must choose the game Symbol completely randomly. Thus, at an infinite distance, We will show paper, rock And scissors in ⅓ cases Each, and our opponent, with All the desire and skill, Will not be able to Beat us. The only way that will Allow him not to lose Is to use the same TRP strategy as we do: Choose each subsequent symbol not Based on the previous one, But completely randomly and with The same probability. What happens if during the Game we notice that the Opponent is playing suboptimally, using Paper much more often than Scissors or a rock? To maximize EV, we should Change our strategy by increasing The frequency of scissors drops.

The problem with this tactic Is that it can be Noticed by the opponent and Make adjustments, starting to put A stone instead of paper More often.

We will notice it and Increase the probability of paper, He will notice it and Increase the probability of scissors As a result, the game Turns into a competition for Endless " leveling”, in which each Opponent thinks intensely “if he Thinks what I think " GTO Allows you not to go Into such wilds of consciousness, Keeping a sober mind and Preferring reliable mathematics instead of Constantly changing psychology. An attentive reader will probably Ask: why, in this case, The vast majority of players Do not play GTO poker? The answer is very simple: Calculating such a strategy in Texas hold'em is incomparably More difficult than when playing Rock-paper-scissors. The variability of the decision Tree and the width of The ranges generate such a Huge number of possible situations That this task becomes impossible For any supercomputer. If a poker coach promises To teach you how to Play GTO, you can laugh Heartily at this suggestion: the TRP strategy in poker cannot Be used in its pure Form, the maximum that can Be done is to approach It to a greater or Lesser extent. Where did GTO Poker come from? The idea of Game Theoretical Optimum belongs to mathematician John Forbes Nash, based on the Life of which was filmed Hollywood blockbuster "mind Games" with Russell Crowe in the title role.

Nash was born in and Lived the life of a Brilliant mathematician who won the Nobel prize in Economics.

At the same time, he Had serious problems with mental Health: from a young age, The scientist began to develop Paranoid schizophrenia. However, this did not stop Him from making the most Important of his discoveries - the TRP game. Nash proved that in a Situation where each of the Participants in the game adheres To the optimal strategy, there Is an equilibrium between them, As a result of which No one wins or loses Over an infinite distance. A change in tactics on The part of one of The opponents cannot increase the Winnings if the other participants Adhere to the optimal line Of play. This concept is named after Its discoverer, the Nash equilibrium. How did the Nash equilibrium Affect GTO poker? The connection is very direct: The mathematician conducted his research On based on an analysis Of a Texas hold'em Game for two or more people. As a result, the scientist Proved that the Nash equilibrium Is relevant for any number Of players at the table. Today, researchers from all over The world continue the work Of the great mathematician, continuing To calculate the optimal poker strategy. Progress in this direction is Very significant: in early, a Team of scientists from Canada And Finland made a statement About the successful solution of Heads Up Limit Holdem. The computer program they created Was named "Cepheus" and plays As close to GTO as possible. Despite such a breakthrough, poker Professionals should not worry too Much: the best minds of Mankind are still very, very Far from solving no-Limit Texas hold'em at least In the -max format.

The game of GTO poker Is the leading trend of

To be used successfully at The tables, the TRP strategy In poker requires the player To work out each of The ranges played in detail. Here, special attention should be Paid to the discipline being Played, because the spectra in Tournaments and cash games are Enough they are very different From each other. How to use TRP in Tournament poker? First of all, you need To start by working out The push-fold ranges. In a situation where you Have big blinds or less Behind you, the call and Raise options become mathematically unavailable, And as a result, the Tree of possible decisions is Significantly reduced. It is relatively easy to Master push-fold ranges, just Install a special trainer program And spend daily time building Simulations in it. Unfortunately, apart from push-fold, GTO poker is difficult to Practice in multi-table tournaments.

This is due to the Lack of information about your Opponents and their playing style At each level of the Blinds and with each stack size.

In contrast to TRP, the Regulars of multi-table tournaments Talk about a "meta-game" - A set of factors that Influence the decision and do Not depend on a particular hand. The skill level of regulars Is very high, so the Operational style the game turns Out to be inappropriate. What does it mean to Play GTO in a cash game? To use this technique successfully, You must not play a Specific hand, but the entire Range at once. For example, you made an Open raise preflop from a BTN position and received a Call from BB.

The flop comes out, the Opponent checks, and you are Faced with the task of Distributing all hands of your Spectrum on the “bet” and “check " branches so that your Range remains balanced and invulnerable On subsequent streets.

The task is complicated by The fact that the " bet " Branch can split into different Sizes, which makes the tree Even more complex and branched. Each possible game situation on All streets, whether it's A preflop call, a multi-Pot, a -bet pot, etc, Should be subjected to such A study. The amount of work involved Is enormous, so very few Professionals use TRP poker at Low and medium limits. What do you need to Do to make TRP poker Strategy an integral part of Your game? First of all, you need To work in special poker Programs like Flopzilla or Simple Postflop. This software is a set Of tools for emulating game Situations “range vs range”, thanks To which the equity ratio Becomes more visual. These programs require a high Level of knowledge of poker Terminology and mechanics, so they Should only be used by Experienced players. Another effective way to improve Your game is to analyze The game situations in poker Trackers like Holdem Manager.This Is very simple: open Any table that has a Sufficient selection of hands for Your opponents, and start gradually Creating a range for each Draw line against each of them. This game development mechanic is Closer to the operational style Of the game than to The TRP, but it is Recommended by poker coaches for Novice players. It is worth noting that GTO poker is not available To everyone, this game strategy Requires a person to own Study mathematics, probability theory, and Have an interest in such Areas of knowledge. If a user with a Humanitarian mindset can still master BSS or MTT after serious Efforts, then the TRP strategy In poker remains the domain Of the strongest and most Talented professionals. Before you return to the Poker tables and integrate the Information you read here into The game, you should carefully Study the main tips that Can be used in relation To TRP strategy. Despite all the advantages of This strategy, beginners should not Try to master it quickly, It is much more reasonable To spend time learning the Basics of poker and effective Techniques of exploitation and adjustment To the opponent.

In any case, do not Try to play TRP with Weak players, it does not Make any sense and will Deprive you of a serious Part of the mathematical expectation.

When studying the Nash equilibrium, Be sure to use special Calculator programs, without the skill To build and analyze Nash equations. count the ranges in them Your TRP poker strategy can Contain serious mistakes and miscalculations.

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