My Pocket Stars is The game On PC, Android and IOS, official Website

The creatures in this world Resemble pokemon

Brave trainers will embark on An adventure in the role-Playing game My Pocket StarsYou will join their ranks, Collect a collection of battle Pets, find new companions and Challenge invincible Champions. They know how to fight And obey their master unquestioningly. It has recently moved to Open beta testing. You can play My Pocket Stars in the browser on Computers or smartphones.

It requires an account registration.

Official website. They are given the same Basic stats: for attack, for Health, and for defense. Rory will join you in Chapter if you play Jessie. more coaches open with cards. At the beginning of the First Chapter, you see a City where a police officer Fights off a wild Falcon And calls for help.

It's time start the First battle.

The view changes. You see an electric Mouse – a small yellow hamster That looks a lot like Pikachu. He is on the left Side of the screen, and The opponent is on the right. They automatically exchange blows.

With your hands, you activate The ability when it recovers.

The plot moves forward. You encounter new animals and A space squad-apparently a Copy of the R team. Soon Tortil and Thunderbird will Join you.

The game is published in Russian by Crea Games

The game interface consists of Two basic screens. Tasks take place in the "Campaign", and the rest of The tests are located in The "Village". Materials you will earn in The house of Evolution, Fortress Or tower of struggle. The task center prepares rewards For achievements and daily quests. Friends are added by the Nickname of the Professor. Pvp duels are arranged in The arena. You win or lose, collect Rewards, and move up or Down the rankings. The place where they hunt Containers with things and monsters Is called the "Hunting Zone". You click on search and Wait for the result. The probability the number of Catches depends on the type Of fishing ball. The second way to add The command to activate Gashapon Machines with balls in the store. They are launched for free Every minutes or hours. Small creatures eat candy for Experience and evolve. Pears increase the level of friendship. Equipment enhances a specific characteristic. Improvements to increase combat power Is the main parameter that Shows the sum of the Others.

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