News: PokerStars To ban Scripts and

These include landing scripts and Certain game charts

Starting March, PokerStars will restrict The use of third-party Programs that give players an advantageIn the PokerStars blog, Severin Russet spoke about the difficult Compromise that the operator makes When allowing or prohibiting various Tools: as reported earlier this Year, landing scripts will be Banned in March. PokerStars defines them as follows Note: Another important change is Related to the restriction of The use of starting hand charts.

Thus, you can only use Preflop charts and non-inflated pots

They are now prohibited if They are used as automated Reference material. In other words, a standard Hand chart from a book Or article is allowed, and Charts that change depending on What is happening at the Tables are prohibited. Software that performs complex calculations Using ICM or Nash is Now banned. HUDS and hotkeys are still Allowed, as are tools that Display basic game information, such As pot odds or the Absolute strength of a combination.

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