Online poker Tournaments in Russia – How to Play

a little money, but also To become famous

Poker Tournaments are an opportunity Not only to win huge Prize money, but also to Invest a lot of moneyTherefore, many players are eager To master tournament strategy and Start playing online competitions for Real money. Since there are no live Events in our country, poker Tournaments are still available in Russia – in online poker rooms. In online events, all players Are added to the prize Pool-they make a buy-In, after which they become Participants in the game. Without paying a fee, you Can only register for freerolls – free tournaments. After the prize pool is Formed and the game starts, The prizes are distributed according To their places. As a rule, depending on The game format, the prize Pool can be received from To of participants. Unlike cash games, tournament play Involves the use of specific Strategies, which change in the Course of the tournament depends On the current stage of The game, discipline of poker, The behavior of the opponents And chip stack. Bankroll management for tournament players Also has its own characteristics, Which we will discuss below We told you in this Article that it is easier To learn how to play Cash games profitably than in tournaments. To gain experience in the Tournament game, you will have To spend more time and money. At the beginning of the Event, when players randomly sit At the tables, all participants Have the same number of Chips – equal stacks with The exception of tournaments with rebates. The goal of the game Is to collect as many Chips as possible from the Opponents and reach the prizes, The higher the place – The greater the reward. If you lose all the Chips, the player is eliminated From the tournament and cannot Continue playing and fighting for prizes. If he has reached the Prize-winning position, then he Receives a prize in accordance With the place that he took. During the course of the Tournament, players, as in a Cash game, make mandatory bets-Blinds, and sometimes antes. At the same time, the Blinds and antes increase after Each specific period of time. This is an important feature Of tournament play, and the Player chooses a strategy based On the ratio of his Stack to the blinds. Tournament poker is diverse, with Online events varying in game Types and formats. There are two types of Tournaments: Sit-and-go and Regular tournaments.

The higher the place – The bigger the prize

Sit-and-go tournaments differ From regular ones in that They start only when the Required number of participants is reached.

Such an event may start Immediately after its announcement, or It may only start in A few days. Their advantage is that popular Sit-and-go games do Not have to wait long, Which is appreciated by those Players who can carve out A little free time for The game. These events can be single-Table or multi-table events. Regular tournaments-start strictly at The time that sets the Poker tournament schedule. However, for the event to Take place, it is necessary To have a minimum number Of participants. Unlike Sit-and-go tournaments, The player always knows exactly What time the desired event Will start and can adjust Their game schedule to match The schedule. In such events, the prize Pool directly depends on the Higher the number of participants, The higher the number of Prizes and the higher the Prizes for the first places.

Tournament formats – the variety Of tournament formats is very Large and for each type Of tournament you need to Adjust the tactics of the game.

For example, the PokerStars schedule Includes regular-format tournaments with Rebuys extra chips, rewards for Knocking out opponents, and so on.

the Tournament game may also Differ in the rate at Which the blinds grow. For example, in normal events, Bets can change every - minutes, While in Turbo tournaments, they Increase every five minutes.

All popular poker rooms regularly Hold freerolls-poker tournaments where You can play for free.

You can win various prizes In them – tickets for Money events or real money.

For example, PokerStars hosts dozens Of astronomy freerolls every day, As well as Russian Division Poker tournaments.

Each player can play freerolls For free without investing any money.

However, some freerolls are held As part of special events.

to become a member of These promotions, you need to Get a ticket by meeting Certain promotion conditions, sometimes by Making a Deposit. By playing tournaments for free, You can hone your tournament skills. In most types of tournaments, It is fashionable to distinguish Four stages of the game, Which can be combined or Modified depending on the format And type of event: push-Fold – a game in A tournament with a small Stack, which involves only two Types of decisions – go All-in from a position With any more or less Promising hand, or fold if One of the opponents has Increased, Unlike cash games, tournament Games are more interesting and Emotionally intense. Online poker tournaments are a Great opportunity not only to Have fun, but also to Earn money, and many poker Players specialize in tournaments. In popular poker rooms, you Can start your career as A tournament player with low-Cost events. For example, on poker, participation In the cheapest tournaments costs Only a cent, and on PokerStars – cents.

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