Psychology of Poker: important Points

reaching the goal at the Game table

An Important element of the Poker game is the right Psychological attitudeJust like mathematical calculation and Logic, emotions play an important Role in your life. The ability to "reveal" the Thoughts of your opponents is, Of course, also important, but It is your psychology and Personal attitude to the game That is no less important. The most necessary qualities are Determination, the ability to think Coldly, react calmly, and control Your feelings. Here we will tell you A little bit about the Basics of the right attitude When playing poker, based on The experience of well-known Successful players. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden To start playing poker in A state of strong emotional excitement. At the same time, it Doesn't matter if your Thoughts are positive or negative, Any emotional excitement will significantly Distract you from the game, Prevent you from concentrating and Catching a "wave of luck", And as a result you Will be left with nothing. It is also not recommended To play poker under the Influence of alcohol, even if You consider your condition to Be quite adequate. One way or another, your Central nervous system suffers in This case significant changes in Your work, so it's Best not to take any risks.

The worst enemy of your Victory is intense stress

It is generally accepted that Winning poker depends on luck. Of course, luck or, on The contrary, failure contributes to The appearance of certain emotions In you. And the more you indulge In feelings, the more it Will affect the further course Of the game. Most importantly, you should have A clear understanding that you And all your opponents have Chances to lose even with A strong enough combination of cards. In this case, a bad Beat occurs at first glance, You seem to have a Good combination on your hands, But confidence and excitement are Off the scale and by Chance it happens that the Other player has the strongest hand. Of course, you abruptly fall Into a depressive state, you Are possessed by an obsessive Goal to recoup as soon As possible, which is why You can no longer adequately Assess the situation.

You need to be clearly Aware that fortune can play A cruel joke with you, So in the event of A streak you need to Be able to force yourself To stop in time.

In the psychology of playing Poker, there is such a Term as tilt or tilt This is a state of Increased emotionality of a poker Player caused by losses or victories. In the tilt state, the Player starts making unforgivable mistakes And making obviously stupid moves. Tilt is every player's Worst enemy, so control your Senses! Poker is a game of Chance, and everyone knows that Gambling can lead to sad consequences. But it is important that This game provides opportunities to Keep the excitement under the Cooling control of the mind, Based on experience. How not to run into trouble? To do this, there is One good tip, which is Not easy to adhere to, But it is necessary: set Yourself a personal stop profit.

In other words, formulate for Yourself indicators of the maximum Win and loss of monetary Amounts, and when these limits Are reached, immediately stop playing.

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