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And what's the point Of playing from the phone, It does not install the Same hmm, and without it You can earn some pennies Only on micro limitsThe desire of people to Get rid of being tied To one place when performing Everyday tasks first gave the World mobile phones and laptops, And then smaller in size, But larger in performance smartphones And tablets. Various companies have demonstrated great Success and advanced technologies in This segment. But it is Apple engineers Who are able to turn Interesting ideas into mass-produced products. It is not surprising that Today the smartphones of Americans Are considered among the best On the market, and their Tablets have no equal at all. But we want to talk Not about technology, but about How to play poker for Real money on an IPhone And which rooms are best Suited for this. Unfortunately, not all establishments develop Their own iOS clients. It is unlikely that poker Players with Apple equipment are Not interesting to the administration In terms of the size Of deposits, and the popularity Of this brand among fans Of gambling entertainment is quite high.

Probably, poker rooms are having Difficulty complying with the strict Rules of the App Store, Repeatedly receiving refusals to place Their applications on its pages.

This option suits most users Of online rooms

However, some rooms, including, have IOS real money poker available Right now.

This is a common problem That gamers with Android devices Are practically not affected by. For the latter, you can Simply offer an APK file To use to install client SOFTWARE.

If there are difficulties with Placing software in the Apple Store, then the issue cannot Be resolved in the same way.

Therefore, such rooms offer to Play poker for real money On an IPhone via a Web client. However, banning the establishment in Russia or another country where The user lives temporarily resides Makes the flash client unavailable. For an application, this problem Is not terrible, because it Is not hosted at a Specific address, which means that The provider and regulatory authorities Have no influence on it. With regular sites, this problem Is likely, but it can Be solved using one of The following methods. Without a doubt, this is The leader of the Russian Gambling market. Yes, this is a domestic Room, so it is able To please Russian-speaking players With many pleasant features. But this category of gamers Includes not only Russians, but Also residents of Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other Post-Soviet States. Moreover, even in the mobile Version of the PokerDom client, Users have the opportunity to Simultaneously fight for the pot On tables!.

This is an excellent room For both new and experienced users.

All types of games are Presented here, payment in Russian Rubles is supported, new ideas Are constantly introduced, which are Then picked up by competitors, And one of the fastest Support services in the gambling Entertainment industry works.

Among the unusual features of Poker, you can note tables With a webcam turned on, Which brings the game over The network closer to real hands.

And a lot of tournaments, Among which only free competitions Account for hundreds of thousands Of dollars in prize money, Will also not leave any Poker fan indifferent. – this is a perfect room. And this statement is not Unfounded, but is based on The real merits of the institution. First of all, it is Worth noting that in terms Of speed of development, it Has almost no equal. A regularly updated client in Which you can customize everything From shirts and table, and Ending with animation and sound Accompaniment, ease of Deposit and Ease of withdrawal, rapid resolution Of user issues and advanced System security is only a Part of advantages, which can Boast Patypoker. Like other programs designed specifically For the Apple mobile system, Poker room clients work very Quickly and consistently on the IPhone and iPad. The functionality in such applications Is almost identical to its Desktop counterparts, but some cuts May still be required for More convenient and or reliable operation. As for games, they rarely differ. Poker players with an iPhone Can sit at cash tables, Enjoy the benefits of fast Poker, get access to freerolls And satellites, take part in All sorts of competitions, including SNGS, and enjoy other common And exotic types of entertainment.

And what's the point Of playing from your phone If you don't have To use it? install the same hmm, and Without it you can earn Some pennies only on micro Limits.

When the Order of Suits in Poker is Determined, the Designation and

This mainly applies to the Following situations

Despite the fact that most Card games are based on The ranking of suits, poker, Including not only Texas hold'Em, but also all other Popular types of games, does Not have a division into Suits in poker by seniorityIn this game, the value Is determined by the face Value of the cards, which Is taken into account both When collecting combinations and when Determining the winner in situations Where several players have the Same combinations. Sometimes players try to convince Their opponents that the winner Is chosen by suit, but This is incorrect and occurs Only in close groups of Players who are not familiar With the rules of poker Gather for a game during The break of the feast. Real poker, as a sports Discipline, does not give priority To suits, except for organizational Issues that do not directly Relate to the game itself. In poker, sometimes there are Situations in which there is No ranking of suits.

The order in which players Are placed in their seats

As a rule, players choose Their seats at the poker Table at their own discretion, But there are cases when The distribution of seats is A matter of principle. In such situations, players choose A card that determines priorities Depending on the face value. If several poker players have Drawn cards of equal value, Then the seniority of suits Comes to the rescue. The definition of the player For the required speed. In such types of poker As seven-and five-card Stud Poker, there is no Position of the dealer. Therefore, the player who gets The right to make the First move is the player Who it is determined using The same system as in The first case.

The owner of a card Of the lowest denomination makes The first mandatory move.

Determine the player who will Take the place of the Loaf in the starting hand. Even in this case, players Choose the cards that determine The dealer by opening them. Again, disputes are decided by The highest suit, in poker This gradation is traditional. In a situation where the Pot has to be divided Between several players at the End of the game, and The number of chips is Not equally divided, they resort Again to resolving the dispute Through card showdown. If you can't determine The owner of an extra Chip by the seniority of The cards, look at the Ranking of suits. There are other controversial situations In which it comes to The seniority of suits, but They do not affect the Game itself in any way. Poker, like almost all card Games, uses four suits: spades, Hearts, clubs, and diamonds. They have been standard for Many centuries. Such a designation is considered To be French. In in English, which is Used by most poker rooms And casinos as a basic Language, suits are called: in The poker game itself, you Only pay attention to suits When making suited combinations. In all other cases, the Card face value is taken Into account. The question of which suit Is the highest in poker Will not have an unexpected answer. As in other card games, In poker, the ranking of Suits is as follows: according To one version, how the Seniority of suits was determined, In the middle ages in France, the sign of spades Was the personification of the Nobility, the sign of hearts Was attributed to the clergy, The suit of diamonds was A symbol of merchant status, And clubs symbolized the poor Peasant class. Some players associate the seniority Of suits with their positions In the English alphabet, starting With the lower one: C, D, h, s. the seniority of suits does Not matter in many card Games, not only in poker, Spider suits, one or three Suits, for example, also does Not take into account the Gradation of suits. In those games where a Trump card is selected, and The seniority of one suit Is determined randomly for one game. The other three suits are Equivalent to each other.

Answers: please Tell me The poker

Highpulse Freerolls every minutes

Tell me where the so-Called tags in GETkontakte come From, from what sources they Flow and how they are Formed, for examplePrizes from $ to $.

there are private tournaments.

This mind has one drawback, Until may, you can not Play ring games, make deps And cashouts. There is still one option, Which in my opinion is Not even a bad one. It's weak there you Can start playing on this Field without making a Deposit. Freerolls are held at a Frequency of approximately one per hour. Prizes from $ and above. and I will say that This is one of the Most honest poker rooms in The Runet. No surprises – you always Know how and for what You get a bonus and How to win it back. I used to play at Other poker rooms and saw A lot of different problems, But here there is no Such thing.

it stands out Favorably among Competitors with instant payouts, excellent Gaming capabilities and high-quality software.

What you like – clarity And consistency in the rules

Many different bonuses, including on The first Deposit. Everything flies even on my Old laptop, there are no Problems connecting via the client, The level of players is Average, closer to beginners, thanks To this I win a Lot of profitable sections.First of all, this is The presence of a ruble Account, you can play poker And not think about currency conversion. Second of all, I noticed That the support is in Russian. In the third turn, it Was interesting to participate in Tournaments with a jackpot that Sometimes reaches more than million rubles. In the fourth turn,the Minimum Deposit amount is only Rubles, I can see that There are no such conditions Anywhere else! I started my journey with A Deposit of rubles. At first, I won and Lost - I conducted, as they Say, 'combat reconnaissance'. A month later, I already Knew some of the players, Studied their behavior, got to Know the tables better-I Began to play according to My strategy and a small Hobby turned into a daily Income, even if not a Large - rubles a day, but Still income. I don't keep money On Deposit, I try to Withdraw it once every - days. Many people ask me what Is the best time to Play poker-Yes, you can At any time, there are Always people at medium and Low limits, but I prefer To play times a day, This is from. Moscow time and at. I play until I win, Rubles 'clean', or until I Lose rubles. The Golden rule: win-stop, Lose-stop! There's no need to Be too much gambling and Simply taking risks out of business. There is an account in Rubles, fast withdrawal of funds, Adequate players, a lot of Promotions and a jackpot draw. we are constantly adding new Functionality to the main interface Of the project. Unfortunately, older browsers are not Able to work well with Modern software products. Use the latest versions of Browsers to work correctly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing online Video poker

But to reach this level, You need to train a lot

All rights to materials published On the site belong to The authors and are protected In accordance with the legislation Of UkraineThe use of materials published On the site is allowed Only with the written permission Of the copyright holder and With a mandatory direct hyperlink To the page from which The material is borrowed. The hyperlink must be placed Directly in the text that Reproduces the original material in The first or second paragraph! Poker tournaments on sports channels Attract a lot of attention. World Champions earn millions and Can afford a comfortable, carefree life. Perhaps this is one of The main reasons why this Card game has become popular In recent years. Well, and with the spread Of the Internet and virtual Poker rooms, there are even More people who want to Play and win. If you play slots, then Almost nothing depends on You, As the combinations of symbols Are randomly generated. If you choose poker, then The amount of winnings depends Entirely on your experience and Ability to build the right Game strategy. So, Today, when the majority Of gambling entertainment has moved To the Internet, no one Will be surprised by the Opportunity to play poker with Players from all over the world.

Playing on the Internet has A lot of advantages: another Important point is that well-Known casinos create applications for Mobile gadgets, so you can Play wherever you have an Internet connection.

Secondly, play only in a Good mood

If you really like poker, Understand its rules and use Various strategies to achieve success, The income level will also Start to increase rapidly. There are some secrets that They will help you enjoy The game completely. First of all, you should Never immediately raise your bids To the maximum or go All-In. This behavior will immediately give You either a bluff or A good hand. And, third, you need to Be able to stop and Leave the online casino on time. One of the most popular Online casinos in Ukraine is, Without a doubt, gambling club Kosmolet. Everyone who registers on the Official website receives substantial bonuses And up to free spins For a simple confirmation of A mobile number and email. The casino is constantly improving, Offering visitors more new slot Machines and other gambling entertainment. Regardless of whether you visit The official website of the Online casino to play for Real money or for free, You are guaranteed a real Adrenaline rush. Registration is available for players From Ukraine and many other countries. To quickly solve this problem, Just go to the working Mirror and continue playing on bets.

Mirror an exact copy of The official portal, but with A different address.

The interface design style, section Placement, and built-in functions Are preserved here. Authorized users will be able To access the results of Past meetings of selected teams, As well as expert forecasts. All rights to the materials Published on the site belong To the authors and are Protected in accordance with the Legislation of Ukraine.

The use of materials published On the site is allowed Only with the written permission Of the copyright holder and With a mandatory direct hyperlink To the page from which The material is borrowed.

The hyperlink must be placed Directly in the text that Reproduces the original material in The first or second paragraph!.

Fold in Poker - what Does this Decision mean And how To make It

It would seem that this Solution is the simplest

One of the poker decisions That players can make when Bidding is to Fold

However, from the point of View of strategy, it is Necessary to be able to Apply it correctly.

A fold is the termination Of participation in the hand, With the loss of the Right to qualify for the Pot draw and to participate In subsequent trades.

After making a Fold, the Player discards his cards and Loses all the chips that He has invested in the Current pot.

The player who passed is No longer involved in this Hand, but has the right To participate in the next hand.

Even if a player has Made a Fold decision, they Are not allowed to look At the pocket cards of Other hand participants and suggest Solutions to them.

He is also prohibited by The rules of poker from Spreading information about what cards He has discarded to other Participants in the game. A fold is an irreversible Decision, and you cannot change Your mind and return to The hand in which the Player made the pass. The decision to Fold in Poker is made when it Is impractical for a player To continue taking part in The hand and putting money In the pot: in Preflop Trading, it is most difficult For a novice to know When to Fold and when To continue trading. The correct use of the Fold solution before the flop, After the pocket cards are Dealt, allows you to save A lot of money and Thereby increase your profit.

Especially if the player did Not place mandatory blind bets.

By Folding with with unplayable Cards, the poker player who Did not bet anything loses nothing. The earlier the position, the Wider the range of hands To Fold, but the closer The player gets to the Blinds, the narrower the range.

The Fold decision strategy in Poker has its own nuances

You can't turn down The opportunity to Fold while Holding questionable cards. For example, in some hands, You can improve and win The pot even from. However, if you constantly enter Trades with these cards, you Will lose in the long run. The Fold solution allows you To eliminate negative situations and Minimize them. To reduce mistakes, inexperienced players Are recommended to use the Starting hand table, which regulates Decision-making based on specific Pocket cards, the chosen strategy And position at the table. You should not fold if Your opponents have not placed Any bets or raises. For example, an alternative solution Is Check, which allows you Not to place a bet If none of the participants In the game has increased. Even with bad pocket cards, You can continue to participate In the hand by making A Check and thereby see Community cards that can improve Your hand. If one of the opponents Has increased, the Check decision Can no longer be made, And you can either bet Or Fold. Also, you should not fold If you have a high Probability of improving your hand Or winning the pot, and The pot odds allow you To invest in it. In a tournament game, there Are situations where the player Has only two possible solutions: Fold or All-in. For example, if he has A short stack that does Not allow him to enter Trades and make standard -bet Or -bet raises. To increase your chances of Reaching the prize zone and Not waste the rest of The stack on standard bets, The player has no choice But to Fold with unpromising Hands or bet all the Chips when the cards that Give a high probability of Doubling the stack are on hand. Deciding to Fold in poker Is the most frequently used Action by players. It is necessary to apply It correctly and do it When there is high risks Of losing.

GGPokerOK has Implemented cash Dollars

In this case, C$ will Be used first

GGPokerOK has released an update For its client that affects Cash games and multi-table tournamentsFor cash games: own currency And new rules for going To sitout, and changes in Tournaments affected late registration and Purchase of shares. The poker room now has Cash dollars designated as C$, Which is an analog of Tournament dollars, only for cash games. Apparently, they can be obtained In various promotions, but you Can use them exclusively for Playing cash. The player can take a Stack of regular money and C$at the cash table. Players who enter a promo Code when registering on GGPokerOK Will get access to a PRIVATE TOURNAMENT with a prize Pool of $ and $ no DEPOSIT BONUS Now in ggpokerok cash Games, you can only sit Out on all tables at The same time become inactive On one table, but you Will not be able to Continue playing on the rest. Thus, the poker room has Made it more difficult for Regulars to BAM-hunt in Order to protect Amateur players From them.

A chat has been added For buyers and shareholders

Now the player has only One way to remain inactive At the table, while playing For others to lose the Entire stack.

Thereafter he is given seconds To return, and if he Does not have time, he Will go to the sitout For the rest of the Cash tables.

There are rare cases when The tournament reaches the pay Zone, but late registration is Still open. To prevent such cases, the Poker room has introduced new rules. If the tournament reaches ITM And late registration is still Open, late registration is immediately closed. In this case, the guarantee Is canceled, and players continue To fight for the collected Prize pool.

Now you can not only Buy shares on GGPokerOK, but Also place bets on the finalists.

They can be done during The break that precedes the Start of the final. Odds will be calculated by The PokerShares poker bookmaker, and The results can be viewed In the balance history and In PokerCraft. The update of the poker Room also improved the purchase Of shares from players. Now you can subscribe to Shareholders and track their actions On the sale of shares In your profile. It is also available in The tournament lobby, just like On the profile page.

GGpokerok review of money withdrawal GGpokerok reviews Poker online

the Player decided to withdraw their hard-earned money

The account is verified everything is OK, and previously made a withdrawal without problemsBut this time I ran into a limit on the amount of everything, which is very strange. As many people already understand, it takes several hours to approve the withdrawal, and while the player was waiting, he lost part of the remaining money that he wanted to withdraw next. The player himself understands that this is his fault. But his a friend thinks otherwise, because these conditions could have been made intentionally by the room, thereby increasing the probability that the player will continue to play, which in principle happened. What do you think about this, write in the comments. As a result, he wrote to support, we are waiting for the answer as always (almost a day), the player knows this, so in the first letter he asked all his questions, so as not to stretch the communication for a week or two. Saport responded and asked to pass re-verification.

OK, puts on the withdrawal and waits for confirmation

OK, I sent all the docks, BUT the support service didn't answer any questions. The player repeatedly duplicated their questions, which again remained unanswered. Support itself apparently decides which question to answer. And this is exactly what the person didn't like the most. They would have answered at least something, but there is no complete IGNORE. The player himself understands that this is his fault. But his friend thinks otherwise, because these conditions could have been made intentionally by the room, thereby increasing the probability that the player will continue to play, which in principle happened. The player himself is to blame greed destroys the fraer it was necessary to wait to withdraw money and make sure that the poker room does not throw its clients Ggpoker, Poker STARS and other offices, they are all the same: an ordinary player who made a small Deposit will never win anything in them, this fact is proved by many world players. Personally, I can say for myself that in the last months, I have played more than tournaments at Poker STARS and Ggpoker, and as soon as I got close to the prize payouts in these tournaments, everything happened immediately, I immediately flew out of these tournaments. Personally, I can say for. that at the moment all poker sites have bots and special programs that make sure that those players who have made more deposits and lose a lot win, for them new players are not interesting and not profitable. PS Poker, like casinos, is the offices of scammers who earn money in a dishonest way. It was necessary to achieve your goal, and not scroll through the balance My opinion is that the support service was counting on this. Just y I had a similar case when I played no Deposit for registration and wanted to withdraw euros. I don't remember the casino. I spent two weeks talking on each other's nerves but in the end we made a conclusion) So no poker room nekhochet vygrnye babosiki odatat as on sports betting both in kashchino and in poker rooms because they are nervous about their clients pulling with withdrawals of funds or ban an account so that the client can't take their blood denyushki Try to withdraw a little denyushku in any poker room for bucks so in the eyes of nebrosayutsa when you withdraw or then nachinets e svistoplyaski by the Way I had a similar sutuyevina, installed gg passed all the circles of verification hell completely, I was given to try my hand at it. So having dealt with the rules of the room and understanding how to play, I turned these into, made a DEP to bring them out, but it turned out that I spent the night there))) they didn't let me bring them out and started climbing some new underwater cobblestones as usual. in the end, the sun in a couple of days lost(((I long played poker before to start playing first in either the poker room is not necessary to read theirs usually give advice first always proverite a license of the poker room there are clones which used to throw people into the grandmother get banned theirs accounts and as the wind they were sdulo go look for them and their money so always a license proverite and then resite should invest their hard-earned money right now lay bookmaker casino poker as a license lime on gambling founded on ggpoker do you think it costs to feed uncle their blood is the same garbage, cannot make the money on the card the second day Doing everything in order not to withdraw Left replies on combating money laundering Yes the fuck I need you with your otmivaniya such amounts no one washes a Scam, good Evening to withdraw in any case withdraw. The only question is when? Recently, they really began to delay in this regard. At the beginning (earlier) output within a day. You will unsubscribe later when they withdraw and after how long, okay? Also, it wasn't displayed on WebMoney, explaining the problem on the part of WebMoney.

I made a DEP from Yandex.

maps, brought out more than $ and now they cancel again, even $ can't withdraw money back to the room's account, You can try it)) maybe it'll give you a ride). In all poker rooms, withdrawal is available to the banking details used to make the Deposit. You can now write to saport and attach all the docks to verify your account. Just like everywhere else. Yes, the documents have already been sent a week ago, all were given the go-ahead and the bonus was credited to here on them and won the tournament, well, I still canceled right now depna with kiwi so that no questions thanks for the answer I had this situation:I'm playing a tournament and I get an ACE of spades and a of diamonds card.I go to Olin,four people and one call my Olin.he has an ACE of hearts and spades.the following cards were placed on the table: hearts Queen of diamonds.and the victory was given to another player, despite the fact that I have the senior second kicker.I took a screenshot and wrote to them in the caliper.the second day there is no response from them.

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Your feedback helps us improve our service and provide a comfortable trading experience designed specifically for your needsWe appreciate your feedback! Trading in financial markets is risky. Forex and other financial contracts are complex financial instruments used for margin trading.

You should not risk more money than You are willing to lose

Trading has a high level of risk, as leverage can work both in Your favor and against You.

As a result, trading is not suitable for all investors due to the high risk of loss of invested capital.

Before you start trading, you should make sure that you understand all the risks and take them into account in conjunction with Your level of experience when setting your investment goals. All rights to copy the materials of this site are reserved and belong to "Pocket Option". Any use of the materials on this site must be approved by an authorized representative of Pocket Option and contain a corresponding link to this resource. Any third-party Companies belonging to the categories of "Online - broker" or "Online trading" are not allowed to use the materials of this site, as well as any, including distorted spellings of "Pocket Option", and in case of violation are subject to prosecution in accordance with the provisions of legislative acts on the protection of intellectual property.

How to Make money On poker: Best ways To earn Money in

Before registering, you can read Reviews on the Internet

Poker is a gambling and Interesting game that attracts many People with the opportunity to Hit a big jackpotHowever, experienced poker players are Not just people who are lucky. The game has its own Strategy and requires the right approach. With the advent of online Casinos, it has become even Easier to play and earn money. The game over the Internet Is played according to the Same rules as in reality, But it has some special features. Poker rooms are platforms that Provide people from all over The world with the opportunity To play poker for real Money, compete in tournaments. The essence of the game Does not change, but unlike From the real game, it Is not so important to Show emotions that the opponent Does not see. There are many rumors about How people made millions or Lost everything. However, all experienced players say That any outcome depends largely On behavior, strategy and experience. In one particular session or Game, luck is important, but The outcome of many games And big wins is the Result of correct calculation and A flexible mind. Earnings in gambling can not Be absolutely stable, since the Share of luck is still present.

You can win more or Less than expected

However, with the help of Poker rooms, it is quite Possible to earn income. Choosing the right poker room Can affect your winnings, so You should pay close attention To your choice. We prefer large and well-Known sites that definitely do Not allow fraud.

When choosing, you should take Into account the number of Bonuses, software reliability, and other parameters.

The most well-known and Popular poker rooms for Russian-Speaking players at the moment Are the following: there are Other poker rooms. You can find the most Convenient option for you, but It is important to make Sure that this is really A portal for playing poker, And not a fake fraudulent site. Not always the only way To make money in online Poker is to trust your Luck and start playing on Any well-known platform. There are several ways to Earn money using a poker Room: If you choose the First option, it is worth Remembering that even the most Successful poker players who are Fully dedicated to this profession, At first combined games with Other work in order to Have spare capital. A person who decides to Become a professional poker player Or simply hopes for such Earnings should remember a few Basic rules that will help Him earn money: Start the Game with the minimum limits. An experienced gambler always knows Where to take risks and Where to be careful. You can earn money in An online casino, but it Is difficult to predict it. All poker fans know how Important it is to take A break in time. If you have problems with Communication, relatives, a series of Financial failures haunts, then stop For now. Be sure to make sure That you don't have Ludomania gambling addiction. Keep an eye out for Tilt effects. This is an emotional state In the player, which leads To a lack of logic In his moves. He stops soberly assessing the Situation, makes illogical and strange steps. If you notice a tilt In yourself, lower your bids Or take a break. Non-stop gambling will not Help you earn more, as It is an emotional and Mental overload. Periodically, you need to give Yourself a rest, recover and Then start the game with New strength.

The most incredible stories about poker

Perhaps in another article, I will tell you more about it

In this article, I will tell you about the most incredible and amazing stories related to one of the most popular and money games in the world - pokerPoker is cursed and admired. Online and offline poker tournaments gather millions of fans around the globe at the gaming tables. Well, of course, because for one night spent in the game, you can win fabulous money! I personally know people who have managed to win more than $, in just hours, as well as flush the entire $, down the toilet.

Well, you can talk about poker to speak at length and with enthusiasm.

Well, now let's bring to your attention the most incredible and amazing stories that happened to poker players at different times. This story happened back in, when a very good poker player, Robert Fallon, was shot by a rival who lost to him. The killer claimed that Robert was a cheater and was able to win $ from him only by deception. When Fallon's place at the table was cleared, his winnings were still sitting nearby, but none of the players wanted to take the "unlucky place".

But according to the rules of that time, the game had to be continued, and the players, after consulting, decided to take a random person into the game.

They went outside and soon returned with a young man who happened to be passing by.

The new player was placed at the table (in the same still warm place) and handed $ (Fallon's winnings) as the initial bet.

When the police arrived at the crime scene later, I found that murderers play poker with passion, and the newcomer wins with a clear advantage. Which in this short time managed to "make" from dollars-! After investigating the situation and apprehending the main suspects in the murder of Robert Fallon, the police ordered to give the dollars won by the deceased, his next of kin, which in the end turned out to be our lucky young player who hasn't seen his father Robert Fallon in over years! year. The Horseshoe Casino.

Famous poker player benny Binnion came up with the idea and organized an incredible bet! Under its terms, players were required to play poker for as long as one of them lost all their money.

The bet was public. The first to respond to the invitation was the "king of players" - Nicholas Andreas Dandolos (Nickname "Greek"). He got this nickname because he could win and lose just the same astronomical amounts of money. For nick, it was the game itself that mattered, not the result. His opponent was johnny moss, who was also legendary. So, according to one of them, if moss came to a particular city to participate in a poker tournament, all the other players left that city in a hurry. Moss was a professional with a capital letter and an amazing intuition. Tellingly, he arrived at the game completely rested, immediately after another game that lasted days. After hearing about the famous poker bettors, other players simply did not dare to play. However, this did not stop them from arriving at the Horseshoe casino and betting money on poker gurus. The poker marathon was gaining more momentum with each passing day. Players took turns raising their bets and winning a variety of different amounts from each other. An interesting fact is that during one of the hands, Nick the Greek managed to win a pot of half a million dollars without even looking at his cards. The game lasted for five whole months (only with sleep breaks) and ended with the victory of johnny moss. Johnny won more than $ million from his rival. It is known that when the climax came, Nicholas smiled and said: "well, Mr. moss, I think it's time for me to let You go!". The phrase became a household name and even more glorified nick the Greek. You also need to lose with dignity. And Nicholas did a great job of it. In his book the Godfather of poker, Doyle Brunson recalls a very unusual incident that occurred during a poker tournament. It was a long game. That night, the players smoked an incredible amount of cigars, and drank even more alcohol.

Anyone could take part in it by making a contribution of $

The bartender kept bringing more and more liquor.

It is noteworthy that the rest of the players were not affected in any way. They divided the deceased player's chips and continued playing. The police were called by the bartender when another round of alcohol arrived about fifteen minutes later. The corpse was taken away, and another person calmly sat down in the place of the deceased. The game continued. Dan Bilzerian's personality doesn't need to be changed. Multi-millionaire, playboy, Hollywood actor, lover of high-speed luxury yachts, supercars, passionate admirer of beautiful women, and, of course, poker, is one of the brightest representatives of the modern poker scene. The irony is that Dan hasn't won any major poker tournaments, and he hates them all. But, at the same time, he somehow mysteriously turned into a real poker star, and regularly confirms his "star" status with high-profile adventures.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of photos of the beautiful life of Bilzerian: in the company of women, saber-toothed tigers, booze, watches, weapons, etc.

Dan has won more than $ million in home games with millionaires and showbiz stars. Starred in films: "the Fall of Olympus", "Survivor", "the Other woman" and "the Great equalizer". Bilzerian leads a very busy life, which is why by the age of he received three heart attacks.

James was born in to a family of farmers from Illinois.

It just so happened that his father's farm was one of the transfer points on the secret route of transporting slaves to the North, as a result of which it was often attacked by southerners. The Hickok family had to defend themselves, so from an early age, James was introduced to weapons. Daily practice of shooting with a revolver, made him a first-class shooter. Over time, James realized that a gun gives birth to power.

And he really liked the power.

As a boy, Hickok Jr. repeatedly beat up neighborhood boys, often crippling them, for which he received the nickname "Wild bill", and a little later-"Wild bill". Even killing a human was a small matter for him. Now you can see what a tough temper James had.

Needless to say, he was fiercely attracted to women, booze, and card games.

So it's no surprise that he's hooked on poker. James has done a lot in his life.

He served in the army, was elected Sheriff and even Marshal.

I managed to fix the children.

women, win a fortune, marry a widow, and abandon their beloved. In General, I cheated as much as I could! On August, Wild bill was sitting at a table in a Deadwood saloon, playing poker out of habit. But this time, he broke his own rules and made one unforgivable mistake. He sat down with his back to the door. Jack McCall, drunk as a fiddle, suddenly got up from behind the bar, walked up behind Hickok, and shot Him in the back of the head. Death was instantaneous.

At this time, bill had two eights and two aces in his hands, a combination of cards that has since been called the "Dead man's hand" in poker.

At the trial, McCall claimed that Hickok allegedly killed his brother many years ago. So he did the same to him. An eye for an eye! Like, this is what Hamurabi always did. Surprisingly, the court believed him. In fact, the local gossip was that McCall had lost big to Hickok. But the latter took pity on the loser and gave him some money so that he could buy my own food. This action sent Jack into a frenzy. It was, in his opinion, insulting and humiliating.

That's why he shot James.

However, a second trial in another territory found McCall guilty and sentenced him to death. By the way, I wrote two short stories on the topic of gambling: "Lucky Jack "(based on real events), and "the Gambler".

Who is interested in the topic of incredible stories-read it.

poker sets, poker chips! - amenaag LiveJournal

They worked quickly and efficiently

For more than a year, I have enjoyed playing poker in online services like Kontakt or special poker roomsI had an idea to join my friends at an offline table and play hold'em with a glass of rum. I didn't have to search for poker sets for a long time: there are plenty of online stores selling the right product online.

After choosing one of them: PokerFirst, I immediately placed an order and received a poker set on the same day.

For more than a year, I have enjoyed playing poker in online services like Kontakt or special poker rooms. I had an idea to join my friends at an offline table and play hold'em with a glass of rum.

Please note that delivery costs nothing

I didn't have to search for a long time: there are plenty of online stores selling the right product online.

After choosing one of them: PokerFirst, I immediately placed an order and received a poker set on the same day.

They worked quickly and efficiently. Please note that delivery costs nothing.

Peoples Poker Review: detailed Description of The poker Room

During peak hours at the Tables there can be up To people

People's Poker is another Closed Italian network where only Citizens of this country can play

It consists of more than Rooms and belongs to Microgame SpA, an Italian gambling company That has been operating since.

People's Poker Network is One of the TOP poker Rooms and networks.

Your privacy is very important To us

The main feature of People'S Poker is that the Main tables are -max and HU tables. Moreover, the former prevail at Limits up to NL inclusive, The latter at increasingly high Limits, up to NLk. At low and medium limits, The game is almost always available. In the evening, People's Poker features up to NL- Tables, up to NL, up To NL, and about NL tables. There is traffic at low And medium limits in Omaha And the CIS. Peoples Poker was originally created As a tournament network. But even now, with good Traffic in the cache, it Has a lot of MTT Low and medium limits, and Not turbo and rebiners, as In Dollaro or Enet, but Freezouts with a good structure.

The most expensive tournaments with A PRICE of - euros and A guarantee of up to, euros.

We want Your work on The Internet to be as Pleasant and useful as possible, And you can safely use The widest range of information, Tools and opportunities that the Internet offers. On the website hosted on Our domain, including those on Subdomains hereinafter collectively referred to As the Site, there are Several buttons that open forms For data collection and feedback. No more data is collected Anywhere else. In the forms, we may Ask You to provide information About your name, email, mobile Phone, Skype, or messenger Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp. We use Your data to Contact You and send you News, useful materials, and commercial offers.

Your data will not be Shared with third parties, under Any circumstances.

In cases related to compliance With legal requirements, we will Provide a Pokerface.

This data is used to Collect information about users actions On the site in order To improve its content, improve Its functionality, and, as a Result, create high-quality content And services for users. Our employees are trained to Understand and comply with these Controls, and they are familiar With our notification about privacy Policies, regulations, and instructions.

However, while we are committed To protecting your personal information, You should also take steps To protect it.

If you change this privacy Policy, you can read about These changes on this page Or, in special cases, receive A notification via one of The communication channels used, or In the news feed of Our website or social network group. If Anton does not respond Within minutes after the request From.

GMT, we will give you Rakeback for a month.

Pokerdom for Android: Pros And cons Of the Mobile app

You just need to register On Pokerdom

A lot of poker players Can't imagine their life Without the Pokerdom app on AndroidIn this article,we'll Show you how to download And install the program, as Well as where to find The right types of poker Games and view your profile information. Before downloading pokerdom for Android, Players should make sure that Their device meets the system Requirements of the App. Minimum requirements for your smartphone: If your device has all The requirements, go to the Google Play service, type "pokerdom" In the search bar and Click on the "Install app" button.

If the Pokerdom software is Not found in the search, It means that downloading the Client for Android is prohibited In your region.

The second option is to Go to the Pokerdom website From your smartphone. Next, go to the "Mobile" Section in the main menu And click on the "Android" Button next to the label "For other platforms". After downloading the program, you Just need to find the Received file and install it.

In a few minutes, the App will be ready to Launch and play poker.

To download Pokerdom for Android From your computer, just go To the Pokerdom website. After that, click on the Green "Download" button and wait For the download process to complete. When the apk file is Downloaded, it must be transferred To the phone's memory. After that, all the steps Described in the previous section On installing the app on Your smartphone are repeated. Once you have downloaded the Program, you can play poker For real money. It can be performed either From a mobile phone or From a computer. Another handy tool is the Ability to search for a Table through a filter. You can find the games You need by name, by Buy-in, and if they Are cash tables, specify the Number of players who are Already playing at the table. It is possible to sort By buy-in, to quickly Find the MTT and SNG tournaments. To play cash on Pokerdom In the mobile app, you Can open up to tables At the same time. Although in practice, it is Possible to keep track of A maximum of - tables from Your phone. Apparently, the possibility of opening Such a large number of Tables is made for emergency situations. For example, when the computer Loses power when playing poker. In this situation, you need To be able to finish Playing all the games that Were opened. It is at such moments That the Pokerdom mobile app Really begins to be appreciated. By downloading the Pokerdom app For Android, the player gets The opportunity to take part In all those games that Are also available from a Personal computer. You can choose any of The cash tables, MTT's And SNG poker tournaments. You can also play all Available types of poker: Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and others. In addition, the mobile client Has the ability to create Private cache tables. They can only be used By people who have received A password from you. Thus, you can organize the Game only among your friends And acquaintances. Download the client for Android From the official Pokerdom website Directly from your mobile phone. If you downloaded the PokerDom Program file on your PC, Don't forget to transfer The app to your phone. When you need to go Somewhere on business, or suddenly The Internet or electricity disappears For - minutes, the mobile version Of Pokerdom will help you. In Russia and other CIS Countries, the message "pokerdom is Blocked" appears more and more Often when you try to Access the official website of Pokerdom.

Beginners are usually afraid to Start playing in an unfamiliar Poker room with a large investment.

Professionals are more interested in The ease and speed of Depositing funds Registering on Pokerdom Allows you to play for Real money against thousands of opponents. Each newcomer receives a welcome Bonus of up to of The amount verification on Pokerdom Is available for Bank cards, As well as payment systems Qiwi, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney and Yandex.Money.

Verification for Withdrawing money to Pokerdom can be done in Five simple steps.

Go to the "Deposit" section. Choose a payment system that Allows you to create Pokerdom Mirrors that allow you to Access the site in a Roundabout way in case of Blocking situations. Mirror Pokerdom is exactly the Same you can Play Pokerdom In the browser in any Internet club or cafe.

In addition, the browser version Is not reduced in any Way in functionality.

Customer reviews and recommendations largely Contributed to the popularity of pokerdom. Players opinions about this site Are mostly positive, many note That after registering, each player Receives a Personal pokerdom account.

Not only can you find Out all the necessary information, But most Russians, and even Most poker players, can only Dream of wondering where to Keep their money.

Mobile services The best Poker Experience

The internal currency of the Service is Oro, Oro $

Mobile services are special applications For your phone or tabletWho pay for installing programs From Google Play or the App Store. You can withdraw money received From mobile services to various Electronic wallets or order goods In online stores Tapporo, like Cash Pirate, which we wrote About earlier, refers to services For earning money using mobile devices. Immediately after you register, enter The invite code TAPAI and You will be credited Oro To your account. Please note that you can Register only from a mobile Device Read more Tapporo mobile Earnings Service earnings instructions Sometimes We need small amounts of Money for your phone, Internet, And social networks, and if Your e-wallet is empty, Mobile earnings services will help You top it up with A small amount. AppCoins is one of the Most popular services of this Kind in the CIS countries.  AppCoins allows you to Read More AppCoins mobile earnings on Android one of the most Popular mobile earnings services in Russia is the AdvertApp platform. And this is not surprising, Since the withdrawal is carried Out almost instantly to the Most popular payment systems: Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex. Money, mobile phone account With A minimum amount of only Ruble and no Commission. Read more AdvertApp mobile earnings On Android Until recently, it Was impossible to imagine that Your phone or tablet can Be a source of small income. But now there are a Lot of services that pay For completing simple tasks, these Are the so-called mobile Earnings services.

Mobile earnings service  this is An advertising resource that acts As an intermediary between the Product manufacturer and the end user.

Such services pay for simple Operations: read more CashPirate mobile Earnings service.

Poker sets prices. Buy a Poker set In

Poker is one of the Most popular gambling games in The worldIt is not very easy To play, but it is Fun even for those who Have picked up chips and Cards for the first time. The Games Dealer online store Sells a wide range of Poker sets at affordable prices. Here you can buy sets With different contents for a Fun game at home, at Parties or corporate events. You can order a poker Set wholesale or retail by Using the numbers shown at The top of the page. Our managers will quickly guide You through all the variety And help you choose a Set.

How to Play for Real money If PokerStars

Attracts tens of thousands of Players daily

Users enjoy conditional chip poker, Freerolls, lucrative bonus programs and, Of course, betting with real moneyHowever, it is not always Possible to enjoy the latest Updates, because sometimes PokerStars does Not display the cash register, Which creates problems with monitoring And adding funds to your account. What is the reason for This situation and how to Fix the existing problem, you Will learn from this material. This SOFTWARE is available for Both computers and mobile devices. In the Google Play store You can only download this Type of software, but a Full-fledged client for Android You need to download from The official site room, and Then set by allowing installation Of apps from unknown sources. If you are playing on A computer and don't See the buttons in the Client The cashier, the reason May be exactly the same. In this case, you should Delete the existing app and Download the client for playing With real money. At the same time, make Sure that the installation file Is downloaded from the site Only the first one allows You to download a full-Featured client, and in the Second case, the portal will Offer software downloads where there Is no possibility of depositing And winning real money. We've found out what To do when you don'T log in to the PokerStars cash register. But what should I do If I don't have Access to the portal for Downloading the poker room's Branded client? Basically, we would suggest checking Your Internet access, but if You are reading this article, Then you have it. Then you need to find Out if an access error Occurs when connecting to one Or more sites. If the second option is Used, then there may be Failures on the line and You need to find out About the problems and the Time frame for their elimination From the provider. In the first case, the Service provider is also to Blame, but they will not Solve the situation themselves. Reason this is due to The fact that it is Prohibited to distribute PokerStars with A cash register in Russia Or, more simply, to provide Access to gambling for money At the legislative level. But most poker rooms cannot Be penalized for non-compliance With regulations, because they operate Outside the country. Because of this, Roskomnadzor is Forced to Choose another least Popular option.

Sometimes PokerStars does not display The cash register, even though You have downloaded the required Client and the corresponding item Was previously there.

This is possible in case Of system failures, incorrect software Updates, or low Internet speed. In the latter case, the Solution is obvious, and if The integrity of the files Was violated by any problem, Then you should reinstall the client. You can also try deleting The PokerStarsBrCache folder located at C:\ In and early, many Russian players experienced problems accessing Rooms and technical difficulties when Playing poker online or offline.

American poker Player Bryn Kenny has Left the GGPokerOk team

It was headed by Kevin Martin and two other newcomers

The most successful tournament player, Bryn Kenny, may have retired From playing poker and is No longer a member of GGPokerWhat is known at the moment? Not so long ago, the Room started a reform, in Which the most important was The launch of GGSquad. Bryn Kenny, who has been A member of GGSquad since, Along with other poker room Ambassadors: Fedor Holtz, Daniel Negreanu And Bertrand grospelier, applied for Membership in GGHeroes. About the departure of the American poker Pro, a representative Of the network told the Poker site Fpoker. Moreover, no explanation was provided For the termination of cooperation. No poker room would be Able to break off business Relations with such a poker player.

However, his data disappeared from The GGPokerOk portal

Kenny takes the first place In the amount of winnings In offline series. The total income of a American in poker is $. However, this year it is Already more than It's Been months since he stopped Playing and started using social media.

According to Sharkcope, Brin's Last participation in the tournament Was in July, which means That he did not participate In the WSOP Online.

He was also not seen In the high-tech battles That took place in July And August. In March of this year, Kenny said that now he Will devote more time to Mundane Affairs and use the Money earned in poker to Implement them. Therefore, he skips most events And has crossed the line When he is ready to Give up the game and Move on to the next level. Given the new preferences, the GGNetwork network seems to no Longer need such an Ambassador, Even despite his great achievements In the past. The termination of further cooperation Was most likely due to The termination of the poker Career by the American himself.

Ideas on The topic "Poker" in Poker, gambling, Lifestyle

We write about everything related To poker and gambling

Poker as a lifestyleLarge drifts, useful articles, professional Tips, poker world news and Much more.

Joycasino online casino - a detailed Review of the Pros and Cons of playing at Joycasino.

What do players say about Payouts, bonuses, and the casino itself? Reviews of the official website. All new players in the Poker room can receive $ after Registration without making the first Deposit. Get $ as a gift without Making a Deposit! It's very simple: register At poker and get a Fantastic $ bonus without making a Deposit! Get a $ no Deposit bonus For signing up for the Poker online poker room.

Maybe now he can spend More time playing poker

Play virtually for free and Earn a fortune playing poker Online with no Deposit! Do you want to start Winning at an online casino? Click on the link and Get a bonus up to$ On your Deposit Free Spins Free spins. The newly elected Governor of Kentucky, Democrat Andy Bichard, is Lobbying for a bill to Legalize poker, sports betting and Fantasy sports online. What does a stack mean For a poker player? Should I buy extra chips And when should I discard them? what is the most efficient Stack for a poker player? What mistakes does an Amateur Who decides to become a Professional poker player make? This is answered by Daniel Negreanu, who talks about poker At the current stage. Famous canadian Laliberte sold the Last shares of Cirque du Soleil. In any case, until to Use cannabis? One of the founders of The world-famous PokerStars room, Isaiah Sheinberg, surrendered to the United States authorities after years, Paid $ million, and then was Released.

The jargon In poker "Poker in Moscow»

But it's more interesting This way

Read the following sentence: "I Once sat on an iron With Anna Kournikova

The table was full of Fish, so I decided to Let the deer out.

But there were rockets on The loaf." If you understand everything Without a bit of confusion, Then you are on the Right track, but if some Questions still pop up in Your mind, then you should Read the poker player's Slang more carefully. As we all know, in The poker literature you can Often find special terms. They are not difficult to Understand or, in extreme cases, You can learn the meaning Of these terms on the Internet. But in addition to the Official terms, there is poker Slang, which is not found In ordinary dictionaries. I present a small part Of the most common "winged Expressions": A-A American Airlines American Airlines bullets bullets Pocket rockets pocket rocketsA-K Big Slick return to Houston "Walking back to Houston» - Professionals Say that sometimes players from Houston come to Dallas and Try to play with an A-K hand, but each Time the opponent has two Aces, so they lose their Chips and go on a Long walk to Houston Anna Kournikova "It looks great, but A-Q   Bigchick, SmallSlickA-J Ajax Jack-ass A- Dead Man'S Hand - In, a gambler Named Wild bill Hickok was Shot in the back after Winning this hand! A-Brunson's hand. It is with this one Doyle Brunson's hand won The final hand in two World series of poker hands. K-K Cowboys King Kong King KongK-Q Mariage Marriage Royal couple RoyaltyK-J Kojak There is such a boatK-     Dog work Canine Is A dog Training unit of The American police.

"K-" is read as "Kainain", " Kay " the name of The letter "K" in the English alphabet, "nine", respectively, the number.

if you read "K-" in English together, you get "kainain", Canine dog from Latin canis-dog. Thus, the wordplay allowed the American police to Express the Full name of the "dog Service"in two signs K-.K- Ladies Dames, the same Meaning has the word push Push from the English push. A regular is usually a Very strong player who has A steady income from playing Poker and therefore does not Play from time to time, But constantly. Iron - from UTGunder the gun, Under the gun, under the Gun, at gunpoint. Position of the player at The table to the left Of the big blind.

It may even help some People recover from tilt

Wood flop – flop cards That are highly likely to Make someone a flush draw Or a straight draw. Backdoor flush straight - from the English Back door back door - When a player accidentally catches A straight or flash at The expense of two turn And river cards. As you can see, players Often use poker jargon when Communicating with each other. This phenomenon is so common On forums, on tables, that It is high time for Linguists to study it. nc-nice catch great caught, Caught, sarcasm about the improvement Of the hand, usually unlikely Still, what is slang for In poker? Is it really impossible to Do with normal words, the Newcomer will ask? Can. This helps relieve tension. The main thing is not To overdo it here. This is quite a peaceful Phenomenon and even well-known And respected personalities often use Poker slang during the game.

Poker and its slang have Been around since people first Invented the game.

Basic slang in poker deals With different hands. Perhaps, in the old days, Players used this to inform Their partner of the strength Of their cards without being Noticed by others? No one knows that. But slang exists in poker, And whether we like it Or not, we will have To deal with players who Use it.

Triton Poker SHR Montenegro, -

They play not only tournaments, But also cash games

It gathers many fans of Expensive poker games from all Over the world at its tablesAnd while the results of Events are monitored directly during The series, games for money Remain without much public attention Until the organizers provide viewers With access to the game With open cards.

The portal is for informational Purposes only.

Triton Poker SHR Montenegro was Held back in may, but Only now the company has Released a video of a Private cash game of famous Professionals in General access on YouTube.

Two -minute recordings of an Expensive cache with famous high Rollers have already been released, And it's always interesting To watch them play, young Swedish online professional Linus " LLinusLLove” Leliger, who has returned from Politics to Tony Gee's Poker and tan Huang's Asian drogue lovers, and Cardmates Is not a gambling company And does not provide gambling Services to its visitors.

Casino inside View topic-Probability of

in Russian poker, there is No universal percentage

Number of outs per game: To form a pair if Cards are straight outs out Of cards, hence the probability Of playing for this case Is out of

In each case, the probability Of buying the game will Be its own dealer's Flush and straight moves, matches With the dealer's cards, Number of cards viewed by The player, etc.

As a rule, if you Really don't bother at All the game is bought From the street and higher Meaning the player's combination. If you are not interested In a superficial, but a Deeper approach, then below I Give an example of the Player's reasoning when considering A decision to buy a game. This algorithm is applicable to Almost any situation. Example: the game is played On one box, the player Received Q Q Q against From the dealer we assume That in this case the Suits will not matter, the Player exchanged two cards on The box and instead of He received A J. The dealer opened A. What should I do - take An ante or try to Buy the game? Out of cards, the player Has seen, so there are Unknown cards, of which cards Three tens, three eights, three Sevens and three twos will Give the dealer the game In case of purchase. Also, among the cards, there Are two aces that you Can not count, because in Most casinos, when buying a Game, the dealer should repeat The purchase procedure when issuing A card that is equal In value to the one Being replaced. Therefore, the probability of buying The game to the dealer In our case will be approximately. The purchase price in our Case will be equal to-Minus ante our purchase fee Plus antes antes are paid For a triple game plus Antes in case of an Unsuccessful purchase of the game, The player will not be Paid anything plus ante. If the player refuses to Buy the game, then in This case he will be Paid ante, which is more Than before buying the game, Therefore buying the game in The example given is not advisable. The error will be more Than of the ante.

So, given by Rising as A sufficient percentage to buy A game on triple is Clearly not enough in our case.

And for zita, I can Repeat that there is no Universal percentage - in each particular Hand, it is different. Also, among the cards, there Are two aces that you Can not count, because in Most casinos, when buying a Game, the dealer should repeat The purchase procedure when issuing A card that is equal In value to the one Being replaced. Therefore, the probability of buying The game to the dealer In our case will be approximately. if I'm not mistaken, Then the second card of Equal value is no longer Removed, then you need to Subtract ACE from, because the Next ACE that comes out Will make a combination-there Is no game, i.e.

then it turns out: x approximately.

the Rating given by Rising Is very superficial

Generally speaking, different casinos have Different rules. In some cases, when buying A game, the bet is Taken from the ante, in Others, the player additionally gives Chips for the amount of The ante. This will also have an Impact on making a purchase Decision if there are negative outs. My goal was to prove That the probability of buying Depends on a specific situation And show the calculation algorithm For making a purchase decision. combination of three identical cards, Playing for one box, replacing One card, chance of getting, With a COF. payouts of: the loss from The purchase is ? The combination will be obtained Out of and in out Of cases let's assume It will be paid, since There are Ways to link These two probabilities: I warn You right away that you Can only manually calculate such Things with a certain accuracy With a rather shitty one, To be honest.

Therefore, I will give the Calculation algorithm manually, but I Will give the exact numbers Obtained programmatically.

What you have suggested to Assess the situation will not Correspond to the real state Of Affairs.

First, you need to calculate The current situation before exchanging The card. MO before exchange ante P Probability that the dealer has No game ante P probability That the dealer's game Will be lower - ante P Probability that the dealer's Game will be older. Ante Then it is considered A MO of the situation After the exchange. Since we do not know Cards and the probability of Each card's exit is, We need to calculate the MO of the final situation For each of the unknown Cards, add these MO's, Divide the received amount is Divided by and deduct ante, Which is paid for the exchange. On the computer, it turned Out that if I want To change the king, then MO will get. Ante there may be not Only a square, but also A full house. The price of the error I call the exchange an Error will be. Manually iterating through all situations Using combinatorics to evaluate the Dealer's game will obviously Take more than one hour, So it's even better Not to try. Yes, you can say that You killed him outright, well, You posted the calculations here, I dare say you probably Have at least two mathematical degrees. I suggest you take ready-Made literature in good old Bookstores, where everything is already Calculated and the answer to Almost every game situation is Ready, what you need to Do, such as BS for Jack. I do not know about Math, but it is more Profitable for a player to Have ante taken away from Him for a purchase, because If the dealer buys himself A high game, then at Least one less ante will lose. In General, there are only Two ways to calculate the MO of the game under Certain conditions. The first - go through all The possible layouts to hell Knows what degree of options, Take into account the contribution Of each to the overall MO and get a lot Of pleasure from the work done. But for some reason, no One does the Second option - The simulator. With the help of an Adequate random number generator, a Fairly large number of hands Are played, in each of Which the computer makes optimal Decisions in accordance with the Rules of the game. Based on these hands, we Get the game MOD, the Accuracy of calculations of which Depends on the number of hands.

I don't have such A simulator oasis, open and Dealer at hand at the Moment, so I suggest using The guest of Tyler Durden As a simulator.

Of course, there is no Absolute certainty that this guest Will always make the best Decisions, but still, Come on, Tyler Durden, make your contribution To the development of poker. please tell us how Moccasino Differs when playing on a Different number of boxes. and what is the optimal Number of boxes that can Be made for the table? in games with a closed Map the MO changes slightly With the dealer's card, But with an open one, The answer to this question Is not trivial. the optimal number of boxes On the table is one, Because the speed increases, provided That there is no need To save on staff and Taxes for the table itself. You can make the optimal Number two, or you can Make it three. In General, the more boxes The better! enter so that you can Play on boxes! do you know how many Players will come!? money will flow like a River! I can't calculate for You, but I can speculate: Let it be box. On the one hand, an ACE is the dealer's Strongest card. And the player will lose More often. that is, there will be Less mo close on pairs. On the other hand, the Probability of playing is higher. And on large combinations two Pairs or higher, the player Will have a much larger Closing mo. Also it will be much Cheaper to buy neoplasam and Neostriatum same reasons. let's say that box Games are distributed on the Table in an hour. of these, are no games, Are player winnings on a Pair, and are casino winnings. for convenience, let's take That all games were exchanged. the optimal number of boxes On the table is one, Because the speed increases, provided That there is no need To save on staff and Taxes for the table itself. The difference between and boxes On the table in terms Of distribution time is small. let it be seconds.

But for one shuffle, we Give out boxes.

That is, when box is Played, half of the time, If not most of it, Is spent on shuffle.

And if there are more Boxes, then more is spent On the game. Well, the same thing as On Jack: cutting one deck Into a game or decks Will make a huge difference.

On a whim: standard poker Without exchanges and purchases will Be somewhere in zero, maybe Even in a small plus.

It is explained by the High probability of playing and ACC.

increased frequency of payouts for Higher combinations of course, provided That the minimum amount is AK.

I mean, a repeated replacement Of the card, when a Card with the same face Value is issued and in Some establishments, such a replacement Can occur up to times.

How to Overcome tilt In poker?

Well, we translated them for you

How to overcome tilt in poker? Tilt can not only destroy Your bankroll, it can also Have a negative impact on Your life

Therefore, this one of the Tilts can not only destroy Your bankroll, it can have A negative impact on your life.

Therefore, this is one of The main things that novice Players need to work on.

At micro-limits, if you Play tight-aggressive, as you Should, then minimizing the tilt Is all you need to Become a good player. But how to do it? Poker Pro and coach Kieran Harding gave us great tips On his website that helped us. We hope they will help you. How to overcome tilt in poker? Tilt can not only destroy Your bankroll, it can also Have a negative impact on Your life.

So this is one of The.

Everyone wants To know How to Win at Poker

Poker tactics are based on A number of decisions you make

Poker has simple rules, but Is a master of the Game not everyone is destined To become oneIn order to understand how To win at poker, you Should first familiarize yourself with The basic strategy, which includes A number of fundamental concepts.

You need to know what A tight and aggressive game Is, what randomness means, and How to use your opponents Mistakes to your advantage.

Using combinations of basic concepts, You, as an artist who Mixes colors on a palette, Will get a picturesque canvas At the output: your own, Unique style of play. Even before you start playing The game, you should decide For what purpose you are Doing this? Just for fun, or just To win? If you have an attitude To the latter, then do Not expect instant results, they Will appear only after long Training sessions. But even if you only Play for your own entertainment, Knowing how to win at Poker is never superfluous. After all, it's nice To win, and you have No reason to refuse to Myself in this pleasure. Failures can haunt even the Most famous players, so your Expectations of an indispensable victory In each session should be tempered. In fact, your main goal Is to play with full Dedication to the maximum possible, And then the victories will Happen by themselves. Don't judge your skill Based on the results of A successful game session. The right strategy, tactics and Precise mathematical calculations for each Game are the key to Your success. By the way, about mathematics.

And then the only way Out is to interrupt the game

It is very important in Poker, because in fact it Is a mathematical game with Incomplete data.

From this complex conclusion, it Follows that at the initial Stage, the win will be Determined by the correct choice Of the initial hand.

What is the starting hand? Her choice is incredibly important If you are determined to Win a serious prize. But this is not a Complete guarantee of success, being Only part of the puzzle Of poker strategy. Successful solution of this problem Will be the answer to The question: How to win At poker?. It is important, for example, To understand how the starting Hands work. depend on your position at The game table, and then Worry about your stable game Until the end of the hand. Keep in mind that a Professional can easily be distinguished From a novice by the Degree of success of the Game in the continuation of The hand, after the choice Of the starting hand has Been made. First of all, professionals are Incredibly accurate in making decisions, They know the pot's Odds, the order of bets, They are adept at bluffing And recognize bluffs. Finally, to know how to Win at poker, you need To improve yourself in the Fight against tilt, not allowing Your emotions to be used Against you. Their excess leads to wrong Decisions, and therefore to the Loss of money. And even if you have Lost control of yourself, learn Not to give it away, Otherwise the enemy can use Your state in the game.

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