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The whole Truth about Full Tilt Poker

Russian founders? Who knows, but it's Quite likely

Initially, it was a Fairly good poker room with A large number of players, But once he turned off The legal path, he went Into such a jungle that Susanin would not have been Able to get out ofThey owe their promotion exclusively To their so-called Pro Players, who are known from TV screens. After the revocation of the License, the most famous of Them, the so called player In poker-Phil Ivey, thanks To whom players flocked to The room like flies to Honey, immediately sued Full tilt Poker, which further aggravated the Situation of Potential buyers.

There was a lot of Full tilt, but when they Started to study the subject Of purchase, they figuratively speaking Ran away from the place Of negotiations.

Mostly because of the huge Debts and exorbitant appetites of The founders, who did not Understand that their brainchild was Khan. Only the former main competitor Was able to buy a Sunken boat at the price Of a new one that'S the turn! On July, PokerStars bought FullTilt From the US Department of Justice for lemon dollars. At the same time, settlement With American players is not Included in the deal! One shark ate another-this Is what this large-scale Scam looks like through the Eyes of big business, in Which players suffered. Fulltiltpoker opened again on November, Someone was waiting for this Moment, but the absolute majority Of the poker community is Not cold or hot from This, it did not work For days, and during this Time a lot of wine Has flowed away those who Play poker will simply take Their blood money from FTP, As they have long ago Found new places where they Will most likely stay, and New players a rake. According to rumors, the real Founders of Full tilt poker, Who simply invested in the Creation and promotion of the Service and you didn't Know about it? we were the aggrieved party In this story. Many sites that advertised Fulltiltpoker During its development were simply abandoned.

anymore and there is no Need to help it

The new owner said that He did not owe anyone Anything and his deal with The US Department of justice Includes only obligations for payments To players, and everyone else Is going through the woods Together, so there were and Still are a lot of Dissatisfied people in this story, Which is unlikely to contribute To a cloudless sky over Full tilt poker in the Future, and no one will Understand who cheated and outbid Whom there. The verdict is the same With different words-it's Scammers, pyramid scheme, divorce. In Russia, the situation for Full tilt Poker is particularly Vulnerable serious people were thrown, Including now that the register Of banned sites has been Created, it is very likely That they will initiate a Complete ban on Full tilt Poker on the territory of The country. All you must know that Retribution will come, no matter How legally you have acted And that you are clear Before the American law. Fulltiltpoker has already unavailable or Banned in the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium And Estonia, i.e. the biggest European markets are Already closed, turn they're Counting on Canada, Germany and Russia. Tilt, as applied to poker, Means a state when a Player is out of control And quickly loses everything he has.

Do you want to play 'Fast-loss poker' anyway, as The name can be translated literally.

Just honest guys created it And their goal is indicated Directly in the title. By the way, the FullTiltPoker Brand used to be 'Kolyma Corporation, AVV'. Everyone should know about this If they have ever withdrawn From the room the sender'S details always included Kolyma Corporation. There is no other translation For the word Kolyma, except For the name of a Well-known area. Virtually the entire line-up Only the top management has Changed, it's like replacing A Minister, while all the Deputies remain and continue to Steer as before, and the People think that big changes Are coming. No! All the people who saw And knew what was going On with Full tilt poker Finances are here, who know How to spend money skillfully And will now have the Experience to avoid getting caught. Only people are not allowed To work in the' new FTP ray Bitar, Chris Fergusson, Howard Lederer, Rafe Furst and Nelson Bertnik At one time, Fulltiltpoker was kept at the Expense of the Americans, and Now they are gone, and The room will never become No. PokerStars paid million dollars money From players and now they Will need to recapture the money. Think at the expense of whom? Where there will be a Fair game, in a poker Room that is quietly developing And does not owe anyone, Or in one for which More than billion rubles were Paid off yesterday. It's unlikely to be Fair game bots and all That are waiting for customers. Many have seen it, that On the first day of Testing on November, players instantly Played at the tables, and Who they are is an Interesting question. Previously, Full tilt poker was Known for its loyalty to Players in the form of Rake returns in various ways, Now for the above reason, Everything will be exactly the opposite. Maybe only at the beginning Some promotions will try to Keep doubters from withdrawing funds At a net rate.

Types of Poker players

Poker is played by different people

Everyone has their own character, Their own attitude to the Game, their own game styleA person who first sits Down at a gaming table, Opponents, their style of play, Even their appearance, can simply frighten. For many poker players, it Is not just a game, Even for money, but a Real battle, a battle, with All the consequences that follow. This attitude is especially noticeable In Texas hold'em. So the participants of such "Battles" dress up, then Vikings, Knights, as, who comes to Mind, just scarier. Helmets, hats that are intimidating And low-hanging, dark glasses, Hoodies, and the like. Moreover they come up with Different ideas game techniques, styles That are used as additional Weapons that contribute to winning winning. A person who decides to Start playing poker seriously should Pay attention to the techniques That his opponents use at The game table, understand their Style, tactics and strategy.

And then, based on this, So to speak, you can Develop your own style of Behavior and play.

In simple terms, study your Opponents in the game to The point of subtlety. Then the victory will be yours. The following material will help The future poker winner. In the article, he learns What types of players exist, And how to identify them. And then, accordingly, to develop The most effective method of The game. The game can be played In real life or online. In the latter case, the Statistics of the game and The participants themselves will help You determine what type of Player belongs to.

The most reliable way is To use a HUD.

However, you can also find Out for yourself who is Sitting at the same table With you. To do this, just do Not relax, but carefully observe The actions of your opponents. And how do you analyze Your observations? To do this, you will Find a hint below in The form of the following Table: Save it. When you need to quickly Understand your opponent, develop tactics And strategies for playing against Them, use the data provided In this table. You can do something else. Instead of statistics, start from The emotions of the players, Their psychological characteristics. After analyzing it, we can Distinguish types of people who Play the game we are Interested in. It should be noted that Although there are coincidences with The table, but they are Not identical, the differences are Sometimes cardinal. In poker player circles, some Kind of nicknames, pseudonyms, and Code names are used to Refer to those who adhere To a certain style of Play, style, or technique. It is possible that you Have heard them, even used Them yourself, without understanding their meaning. Let's try to understand The essence. We will give a list And also give their description, Examples, at the same Time We will tell you how To resist them game methods. The meaning of the term Nickname is negative. This is the name of Those players who call bets, And constantly, do not raise Or do it rarely, even If they have the strength In their hands. It happens that such players Autogallery get a good card On the Board, regardless of Whether you play well or not. They often arrange provocations during The game with inexperienced people Who are not able to Correctly assess the skill. Autocollers play monotonously, suited K, The king is not discarded Even on the Board they Can not or do not Want to.

There's nothing strange about it

Their game does not depend On the Bank players in it. With such tactics and strategies Of the game, such players Are always surprised by their Losses, and do not understand And do not accept what Has happened. Players of this kind are Diametrically opposed to autocallers. They don't take any chances. They play only in the Top range, giving away bonus points. Such a player will wait Until it stops, until he Turns blue, let's say, His finest hour. The game is Hyper tight, Only the top card is Played: kings, more often aces, And sometimes Queens. If it happens that he Raises, feel free to fold.

You can also use QQ.

He definitely has a good hand. Best of all, work carefully And carefully with your opponent'S raises. You should not call. Even if the hands are Of medium strength or weak. Most often, this is a Person who does not want To develop, improve, in our Case, in the game. He is poorly educated, often His intelligence is not developed, weak. It differs from the players Described above in the lack Of intelligence and complete unwillingness To learn anything.

A bad player, of course, But with huge ambitions.

A characteristic feature of players Of this type is the Drawing of all hands. Raise re-raise any cards In pairs. Most likely, such an opponent Is having fun or looking For action.

Maybe he's in tilt, Or maybe he's just drunk.

At first glance, it is Easy to play with such An opponent, but in reality, He is a serious threat With his aggressiveness and attempts To test you. But you can also make A profit in a situation Where a maniac introduces everyone To tilt. Use the correct game technique.

Such players play exclusively according To the instructions, the book.

However, they do not work Out the theory, blindly following The learned rules and recommendations.

The level of this type Is higher than noobs and, Of course, beginners.

Although they seem to know Everything about poker, even a Player with a little bit Of aggression can win against them.

Once such a strategy was A winning one, but today The result of such a Game is either with minimal Profit, or zero, or even A loss.

He tries to confuse his Opponents by telling them about His luck and hand strength. He may, for example, demand To look at the flop When he has AA in His hands. Thus, he tries to show A mediocre hand. It occurs only when the Game is played live, in reality. This style is not available Online, because you can always Disable chat. When playing with such an Opponent, no special tricks are required. The main thing is calm. Even better, ice-cold. Keep it safe face up And play your game. And if you also look Closely at the talker, you Can also determine when he Is lying or truthful. With such a player, you Need to be extremely careful.

The most cunning opponent who Freely adapts to any style Of play, style, strategy, and So on.

With a shark, the game Is always difficult.

A player of this level Is always able to confuse His opponent so that he Can not make reeds on him. A question that doesn't Have an answer always gets In the way. You have to wonder what The shark has on its hands. And this makes it difficult To build the game correctly. Such players are always restrained To such an extent that The opponent begins to think That the shark has a Better hand than it really is.

A player of this level Is able to unravel the Thoughts of their opponents.

He is able to anticipate The actions of the other party. Right down to what kind Of bets his opponent will Make, whether he is playing An incomplete, weak, bad hand, Or whether this is the Case in reality. It should be noted that The shark is well versed In the types of poker Players, and, therefore, is a Very good player, knows how To play with them. They win a lot, especially Against aggressors. They shot down the aggressor With a sense of his game. Having a strong hand shows That the shark has a Weak one, and so on. He can introduce himself as A NIT or start bluffing. Sharks have many different techniques That they use in a Game with a particular type Of player. The types of players described Above are actually the leading And main ones in poker. The above classification can, of Course, be made more specific By identifying subgroups in each category. But there is no particular Point in such specifics. It is more difficult to Determine what kind of opponent You are playing. As a result, there will Be errors in choosing a strategy. To find out who is In front of you, you Can also have the information Given above. It will allow you to Get your bearings at first, Choose the style of the game. And then experience and only experience. Betsizing consists in determining the Amount of the bet. It depends on various factors.

After reading this article, you Will learn how to implement Correct and meaningful betas.

Another task the purpose of This article is to explain The goals you pursue when You place a certain bet. "Robin hood of poker" - This is the name of The famous player Barry Greenstein. He repeatedly surprises the entire Poker community by giving away All his tournament winnings to Charitable foundations, making a living Playing at very high-stakes Cash tables. Winning in poker largely depends On who you have to Deal with. Therefore, you should first study Your opponent, his style, techniques And techniques of the game, And then develop your own Game strategy.

The push fold stage is Generally considered to be the Most difficult in the tournament.

When to go all-in And when to fold? To make optimal decisions in CIS tournaments, you need to Learn the mathematical foundations of The ICM model. It is safe to say That the main reason for The success of famous poker Players is the effective application Of poker mathematics.

Of course, not every person Due to personal data and Abilities is developed mathematical thinking But, nevertheless, regular training sessions, Work on special programs and, Of course, using the table Of calculating chances, which we Will give in the framework Of this article, can come To the aid of such Players.

Top licensed New online Casinos in

All these online casinos are Absolutely safe

Our goal is to help New players choose the right Online casinoThe most important point is The welcome bonuses, which can Increase your budget to an Incredible size. Do not wait and choose The most suitable bonus for Your requirements and preferences. You will definitely need our List leading gaming sites with The best bonus offers. Browse our website and decide Which of the bonus programs You are most interested in. Knowing what you like best, Choose the casino from our Selection that has this bonus Among its services! Having a license increases players 'Confidence in the online casino And automatically removes concerns about The "twisted" RTP return rate Of slots and non-payment Of large winnings, since the Licensed institution conducts a regular Audit of the random number Generator, which usually results in A certificate of compliance. Is it really possible to Participate in gambling without investing Your own money? Of course! Some of the leading gaming Sites have added a fantastic Bonus to their services, which Includes free money or spins! Just imagine being able to Participate in Your favorite games Without the risk of losing At least a cent of Your funds, while at the Same time being able to If you win, you will Be able to pay out Real money! There's nothing better to Do, is there? Then, let's take a Closer look at the bonus Offer, which will give You A cash bonus without any Investment! In most cases, the bonus Awarded to casino customers without Any investment is intended for New players who have just Registered their gaming profiles and Have not yet managed to Open a cash Deposit. Many gambling sites offer a Certain amount of money to Such customers, although there are Also gaming portals that can Add free spins to the bonus.

The money given out by The casino in the bonus Frames is usually not so large.

However, this does not really Matter, because the idea of Such a bonus is that The player has the opportunity To gamble several times without Using their money. Of course, you can do This at any time by Turning on the demo version Of the game in some Casinos, but the demo version Of the game will only Bring You money. a virtual prize.

In contrast to this feature, The bonus offered to players Without a Deposit brings real Cash winnings.

What should you keep in Mind when choosing a no Deposit bonus? Of course, you should definitely Check the terms of use Of this service. Almost all existing gaming sites Have certain rules governing the Payout of winnings. Such rules simply consist in The fact that You will Need to play the games Several times before you can Pay out your funds. Without a doubt, there's Nothing wrong with that, is there? After all, the point of The bonus is that You Can play and enjoy the Game! What you also need to Know is that, during registration, You only need to enter Your real data. You have probably already heard About what gambling sites to Verify information, which they pass On to their customers. This doesn't happen because The casino wants to follow You or use these features. data for their own selfish purposes.

On the contrary, gambling commissions, As well as the authorities Of all civilized States, require Verification of the data of All registered customers in all Legal casinos.

In addition, Your online casino May be particularly interested in Checking Your information if you Choose the no Deposit bonus.

After all, you can understand A gaming site that needs To trust the people it Plans to give its money To just like that. In the world of gaming Business, there are so-called "Bonus hunters", that is, customers Who register at the casino Only to receive cash rewards From it. Of course, any casino is Interested in protecting itself from A group of dishonest customers. When would it be appropriate To take advantage of the No Deposit bonus? Without a doubt, it all Depends on what your gaming Skills are and what games You would like to play. For example, if you are A beginner who wanted to Try out slot machines, get A no Deposit bonus it Will be a great solution For You, despite the lack Of any gaming experience. This is possible due to The fact that video slots Do not require any game Experience from players at all. If you are a master Of poker or roulette, you Can also safely start playing With Your free money immediately After registration. However, if you don't Want to spend free money On card games or roulette, You can first play them In the demo version of The program. Check out the rules of The game, practice using some Strategies, and test your luck With free money. No Deposit free spins are Another bonus that is usually Awarded to new players after Completing the registration form. If you have already played Video slots, you know for Sure that the term spin Is used to define one Sample of the game. In most video slots, spinning The reel is the only Form of interaction with the Game interface and, you know What, one such spin can Be enough to win the Jackpot! Therefore, the opportunity to get A few free spins can Change the whole gameplay very much. In addition, there are certain Conditions for using free spins. For example, some gaming sites Offer this type of reward Only for playing selected slots. Other casinos do not have Any restrictions on the choice Of games, however, You may Be asked to make several Bets with the money that You have won using free spins. This requirement is very popular Among online casinos, as it Helps gaming portals protect themselves From dishonest players who register Only for the purpose of Receiving a bonus. Despite the fact that free Spins are one of the Types of no Deposit bonuses, You should also be aware Of other types of free spins. In practice, in some situations, You have a chance to Get free spins, regardless of What promotions Your casino is Currently conducting.

How is this possible? A huge number of gaming Devices slot machines offer players Built-in rewards that can Be obtained by collecting a Certain combination of symbols.

One of the most common Bonuses in such games is A free spin. This means that you can Make your goal of winning The jackpot more realistic by Choosing a particularly profitable slot. Now that you've learned Everything you can about no Deposit casino bonuses, it's Time to learn more about The rewards that can be Earned by making your first Deposit at an online casino.

However, you don't have To worry about it

What welcome rewards can you Get on gaming sites? Basically, almost all online casinos Offer extra money for the First amount of money that You transfer to your game balance. However, this form of reward Differs from the reward given To players without any requirements For making a monetary contribution. In the case of a First Deposit bonus, the bonus Amount depends on the amount You Deposit in your account. Let's take a look, How it works. For example, you would like To top up your balance By sending $ to your account. A huge number of casinos Are ready to double this quota. This way, you will be Able to use another $ to Play at the casino. You need to check the Terms of use of this Bonus app at your chosen casino. In most cases, gaming sites Have a certain limit for The maximum amount to which Your Deposit will be increased. So, if the casino offers A maximum bonus amount of $, It means that if you Send more money to your Account, you will still not Be able to increase this limit. In addition, it is quite Possible that Your online casino Will also ask You to Use the received money several Times before you get permission To pay out your winnings. The only other thing worth Mentioning is the opportunity to Get both money and spins For Your first Deposit. This practice is not so Rare among online gaming portals, Which do everything possible to Fulfill the wishes of a Wide variety of clients.

There are many important differences Between online casinos and land-Based gambling clubs.

One of the most important Distinguishing features of an online Casino is the availability of Various bonuses and bonuses.

As you have already learned, Extra rewards are a special Feature of the online casino, Which makes them even more generous.

You'll hardly find a Player who isn't interested In the additional features that Power-UPS offer. So, every time a player Looks for a new place To gamble, he or she Devotes special attention to the Availability of welcome bonuses. real casino fans can tell You how quickly you can Spend all your free spins Or extra money. Of course, most of these Players get huge winnings with The help of rewards, but Still, none of them will Refuse an additional bonus.

Fortunately, the Internet is full Of gaming sites that have Expanded their offerings the casino Offers its customers so-called Reload bonuses by adding seasonal Bonuses, and even more. Let's check out the Forms of these awards in The next chapters of this Article! You probably have already found References to the rather popular Term reload bonus in many Articles about gambling. The reload bonus is a Special form of reward that Is given to players for Subsequent deposits.

What are the main features Of this type of bonus? Many online casinos have designed This type of bonus to Increase the number of new deposits. For example, Your online casino Can increase the welcome bonus To five consecutive deposits please Note that the number five Is not exactly a value, It all depends on the Casino you choose.

Some casinos offer an additional Bonus only for the second Deposit, while other gaming portals Offer rewards even for more Than five deposits.

The amount to which your Deposit can grow is also Determined by your casino.

Although the first Deposit bonus Very often resembles the example Given earlier, subsequent deposits may Be awarded differently. For example, for the second Deposit You can get of The amount, for the third, And so on.

In the same way as In the case with the Previous bonuses, Your bonus reload May also include free spins. Online casinos organize a huge Number of competitions for their Customers so that they can Play in the casino almost professionally. Usually, this service allows participants To earn additional prizes, and Not just the standard winnings Provided by the game. You can also find online Casinos with VIP programs designed Specifically for registered players. Despite the fact that such Programs are not very popular, They are really worth Your time. Such promotions are a great Addition to traditional casino bonuses, As they bring even more Benefits to players. In some cases, you will Be able to earn rewards Simply for playing Your favorite games. In addition, you can even Get real things as gifts, Such as jewelry or electronic devices. These were the main points That needed to be mentioned In the context of casino bonuses. A huge amount of prizes Are waiting for You, so It's time to make Your choice and create your Own player profile!.

Full Tilt Poker has Released an Android app Androidis-it'S android

mods it becomes, has anyone Tried it?

The world leader in the Poker industry, one of the Most famous poker rooms in The Internet space, Full Tilt Poker, has released its first Mobile application for the Android Platform, which can be found In the Android Market app Store, so the program developers Warn players about possible malfunctions Or small connection problems, which Will take a little time To fixit is intended for devices Running the Android operating system At least version, which are Characterized by support for Flash technology. More complete information about the App In a day or Two, my first smart phone For Android will arrive. It will be a Samsung Spica.

Now the question is, will This wonderful, long-awaited mobile Version fall on this axis? And on the Android.

How many Cards are Used in Poker

The extended deck contains from To cards

Detailed reviews of the best Poker rooms, Analytics from professional Players and the latest news - All this is for you You can find it on The pages of our resourceWhen playing online poker, players May not even think about How many cards there are In the deck, because the Hands are made automatically. In casinos and poker clubs, This is also not a Problem, because the dealer takes Over this function. However, if you want to Play poker early in a Cozy home atmosphere with friends, Then the question arises: what Should poker cards look like? Some may think that selection Is not so important for The game and will use Any deck that is at hand. Most often, this will be The same deck that is Used to play the fool. But this will lead to The fact that the balance In the game will be disturbed. What cards to choose for Playing poker and why will Be described in this article. Choosing the right poker cards Should start with the number Of cards in the deck.

The most common one at Present is the French deck, Which consists of cards divided Into four suits.

Cards of each suit have Their own rank, there are Ranks in total. This deck it is used To play the most popular Poker disciplines such as hold'Em, Omaha, seven-card stud, Razz and Draw poker. Jokers are not used in The game, so they are Not included in the deck. In addition to cards from The French deck, jokers have Been added. Jokers are used in many games. They usually play a specific Role and can replace any Card that the player needs.

When comparing the collected combinations, The player who collected the Combination without using jokers will win.

A reduced deck can have From to cards in its composition.

In the countries of the Former USSR, the most popular Is the deck, which consists Of pieces, from six to ACE.

Before you buy a deck, You should check with the Seller how many cards are In the deck. The fact is that when Playing a reduced deck, the Balance of combinations is disturbed. If you still want to Play poker, but there is Only an incomplete deck of Cards, then you need to Change the order of strength Of some combinations. So, a set will be Older than a straight, and A flush will be older Than a full house.

In some varieties, jokers are Still used

Decks differ not only in Their composition, but also in The material from which they Are made. Some of the cheapest card Decks are made of paper With the addition of plastic. Usually they are called "semi-Plastic". The only advantage of such Cards is the price. In everything else, they are Only worse. Semi-plastic sets wear out Very quickly, after which it Becomes difficult to shuffle them. In addition, for the same Reason, individual marks may appear On them scuffs, creases, bends, Which will make it easy To determine what kind of Map it is, and such Moments can spoil the whole game. Therefore, given all of the Above, you should give your Preference to the following type Of plastic cards.

Such a deck will be Less susceptible to mechanical damage.

Plastic ones are more durable, Glide and bend better. At the same time, no Deformation occurs after bending.

Another difference playing cards is The size.

Poker rooms have a standard Size of x mm.

This is the size used In most casinos and poker tournaments. But recently, bridge decks that Are noticeably smaller than x Mm have become increasingly popular.

These cards are much easier To shuffle.

Poker cards are not too Difficult to choose, but it Is a very important thing In the preparatory stage before The game. Without a suitable deck, there Is no good game. From this article, you learned That a poker deck should Contain cards, and it is Better if they are plastic. You can find detailed reviews Of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and The latest news-all this Can be found on the Pages of our resource.

Classic casinos Vs online Casinos with Poker rooms

They shared this information with The public

Any gambler knows that it Is very difficult to find Suitable online casinos to play inTo solve this problem, some People turn to special sites, For example, which create ratings Based on various indicators, while Others independently test all the Casinos found, and choose the Best ones based on their searches. Based on these two tactics, Important principles have been developed For choosing online casinos. Researchers looked at a variety Of indicators on gambling sites To see if they were Cheating their users. Those establishments that have poker Rooms offer the opportunity to Their clients can play online Poker with real opponents, and They can also access both The casino and poker rooms From the same account. Based on this, we can Say that poker rooms perfectly Help those who want to Play not only slot machines, But also use all the Casino services on different sites, While using the same personal Account for use. According to experts, casinos where Poker rooms are located are Much in demand among players, Even those who are just Starting to get involved in Online casino games. But there are also doubts: How reliable is such information? Is it true that such Casinos pay money much faster And that they do not Have problems with large amounts Of money? To answer this question, a Large study was conducted, which Involved places with poker rooms And their classic counterparts. To begin with, we selected Casinos from companies, and our Experts confirmed that each of Them has its own unique features. We also checked information about What languages are available, the Size of deposits and currencies For payments, and how long To wait for money withdrawal. The database is based on Approximately, posts on the Internet.

Each opinion was assigned to The positive or negative feedback Column, and, if possible, opinions Were collected about the timing Of payments.

Based on all this, the Risk that the online casino Will not pay out the Money won was calculated. If several casinos were owned By the same company, they Were grouped together and given An average rating. As mentioned above, the researchers Compared the number of supported Languages, which currencies are accepted, And the size of deposits For online casinos and their Offline versions.

Information was collected from places On the Internet that are Full of people who play In online casinos.

Based on the results of Studying the material, establishments with Poker rooms were put in A favorable light. The number of positive reviews For them was almost, and Their opponents fell slightly short of. In terms of negative ones Casino reviews with poker rooms Were one step ahead, they Had about of these reviews, And their competitors received of Similar opinions. Among this number of reviews, Were related to non-payment Of money from land-based Casinos, while this percentage was Less than for online casinos. Online casinos also won in Terms of the speed of Money disbursements. To wait for payments from Them, you need to wait about.- days, and for land-Based options, the waiting period Starts from.

days and goes up to.

But the question still remains: Is it true that places With poker rooms give away The money they earn within The time limit they set? To answer this question, the Researchers had to average the Total waiting time for payments.

This information was obtained from The same fans of the Game who left their opinions On the forums about the Dates of receiving winnings.

The results were quite unexpected.

It took almost days to Expect money withdrawal from casinos With poker rooms, and their "Colleagues" were unpleasantly surprised: to Wait for the payment of Money, you need to wait About days, that is, this Period is times longer than The promised time for payments.

This is incredibly convenient for players

An additional study was also Conducted, which calculated the waiting Time for urgent payments. Among casinos with poker rooms, The frequency of such conclusions Was, while their competitor's Percentage barely reached. There was also a study To determine the longest conclusions, Here Autonomous casinos "won" with An indicator of, among poker Rooms this number was only. Expecting to receive your winnings Within days is quite a Long and unpleasant task, but It's still better than Not seeing your winnings at all. To date, the number of Unspent payouts has greatly decreased, Which is a big plus, But it is worth noting That such events still happen To deceived players. If you play in an Online casino with poker rooms, The probability that you will Not receive your winnings is approximately. This indicator is much higher Than that of alternative casinos, Where the risk is about. If you look at the Information about the probability of Losing money with large bets, Then everything is rather sad For ordinary casinos: here the Number is, and for online Casinos with poker rooms this Number is only. If a player has won A large amount of money, Then there may be problems With withdrawing money, since most Casinos have a limit on The payout of money in One month. This is quite unpleasant, because In this way the casino Owners try to detain the Player, and he falls for These tricks. Based on the same research, We can safely say that In online casinos with poker Rooms, the limit is - times Higher than in regular casinos. It should also be noted That in an online casino, The probability of encountering the Worst limit, thousand rubles, is Very low, it is less Than in regular casinos.

And large amounts of money Can be withdrawn by players In casinos with poker rooms Much more often.

Based on the results of The above, we can say That casinos with poker rooms Are much better, more reliable, And you want to trust them. In similar cases you can Quickly win at the casino, Withdraw a large amount of Money at once, and there Is less risk of getting Unpleasant impressions from the casino. But based on the results Of research, you can also Notice not the best aspects Of poker rooms. After all, no casino on The planet guarantees full reliability And quality of services, and Any online casino with poker Rooms can be operated by An unscrupulous operator. However, it is this document That makes it clear that Establishments with poker rooms are More reliable than gambling houses Without them. The article describes the use Of cryptocurrencies in online poker. The advantages of cryptocurrencies are shown. They are reduced to greater Anonymity and lack of control By government agencies. We invite you to meet The most outstanding player in The world of gambling. Read more about professional poker Player johnny moss.

Johnny was a professional poker player.

If you still don't Know how much money to Start playing poker with, it'S likely that you haven'T reached the required amount Yet the amount of experience And you need to work On theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We will tell you about The size of your initial Bankroll and help you decide On your first bets. Omaha poker has several variants Of the game: nine-card, Omaha hi-lo, Pot limit, And limited options, which use Community cards, dealer chips, blinds, And pocket cards. Read the Omaha rules in More detail. The world-famous poker network Called iPoker Network was founded Back in, and the first Developer OF software for the Network was PlayTech. The dynamic growth of the Network is amazing – it Has been successfully developing since Its Foundation and over time Combines more and more rooms, Absorbing small poker networks.

Download game Card game Painted poker APK latest Version

Its foreign counterpart is called Up and Down

For Fans of intelligent card Games, I present the first And so far only implementation Of the card game Painted Poker with computer playersPainted poker is a game That was popular in the Vast expanses of our country In the s-s of The last century. It is not like classic Poker, this is a trick-Taking game similar to whist, And a thousand. Despite the fact that it Is easier than preference, the Game is interesting and gambling.

Perhaps after playing with artificial Intelligence, you will gather a Group of friends and spend More than one evening with A glass of your favorite Drink while playing "painted poker".

Painted poker also has a Number of other names, such As: Odessa, Russian, yard, children'S, throwback, trick poker, and Also very similar to the Game Joker. The main differences from the Game Joker: one Joker spades, Special games, scoring. You can read more about The game rules and features Of their implementation in the Game itself in the game Rules menu or on the Game's website the Game Is fully functional in the Free version, but if you Want to support further game Development and can afford it, You can purchase the game In the menu Settings.

I apologize if there may Be any errors during the game

The game is in no Way aimed at extorting money From players, the computer does Not have any advantages in The gameplay. The differences between the paid Version are insignificant and do Not affect the game. Differences quite a bit, or Rather just four: in addition To the honorary place in The table top, You could Be the winner of the Weekly tournament and get the Paid version of the game, The tournament is considered to Be the best games for Week total points in the party. If a player is absent For more than days, they Will no longer be shown In the best tables, and Their place will be restored After the first game. The project will continue to Develop taking into account Your Wishes,which may not be Implemented immediately,but they will Be implemented. The game will be constantly Improved, as far as you Have enough strength and time. And good luck to each Player, after all, playing cards Requires luck in addition to Experience.

Planning poker-joint assessment of tasks by a team OnAgile Consulting

Decks contain the same number of values

Planning poker translated from English planning poker) - a technique for team evaluation of tasks in relative unitsIt was first described in by James Groening, one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto. Later popularized by Mike Cohn in the book "Agile Estimating and Planning". In order for a team evaluation meeting using the Poker planning technique to be productive, we recommend that you prepare: each team member has their own deck of cards to evaluate.

The product owner presents a priority task for evaluation

To make the relative assessment process easier, it is advisable to place a set of reference tasks (flipchart, whiteboard, etc.) in the team's field of view at the meeting. The meeting facilitator guides the process, monitors the discussion, helps teams find consensus in controversial situations, and keeps track of time. Tells the team the task context: what needs to be done, how the behavior of product users changes, etc.

the Team asks clarifying questions to clarify the necessary details and form a common vision for the implementation of the task.

After that, each team member silently compares the complexity of the presented task with the complexity of the reference tasks. Selects from the deck of cards the value that is as close as possible, from his point of view, correlates with the complexity of the task, and throws out the corresponding card face down.

The facilitator makes sure that the first round is held in silence to avoid the effect of anchoring.

As soon as all team members have laid out their cards, the values are revealed.

Participants with a minimum and maximum score share their arguments, explaining why this task is more difficult or difficult. easier than the reference one. The entire team can be involved in the discussion process. The facilitator makes sure that the discussion does not become a bidding war and a never-ending argument. The purpose of the discussion is to share experience, understand why there is such a spread of estimates, and clarify the details of the decision that will help reduce the spread and reach a consensus. If, as a result of the discussion, it turns out that the team does not have enough information and the participants cannot make a decision, the task evaluation is postponed and the task (Spike) is added to the backlog to be worked out. After the discussion, the team repeats the voting cycle until they reach a consensus on the task's difficulty rating. When the team has evaluated a task or determined what details need to be worked out for further evaluation, the process is repeated for subsequent tasks within the allotted time.

What is VPIP in poker and how to use it correctly in the game

when playing poker, most successful and professional players use statistical information from other hand participantsHer you can get it through various poker software, but the most popular applications are Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker. these full-fledged gambling utilities collect real-time game data from opponents, and then group them and display information for each specific player in the form of graphs, tables and charts. Based on the information received, you can understand what tactics should be used against a particular opponent. Such poker software for collecting statistics can display several dozen indicators, including VPIP. However, many inexperienced poker players ask more experienced players or on the Internet," what is VPIP in poker?".

How significant is such data and how to use it correctly during the game? We will try to tell you about all these nuances in detail.

To begin with, if you literally decipher the English abbreviation "voluntarily put money in pot", it will be"voluntarily deposited money in the Bank". VPIP in in poker, this is probably the most significant indicator that shows an analysis of the player's gameplay as a whole. It is important to take into account that calculating the value of a similar parameter does not take into account those game moments when a poker player in the big blind position (BB) should have made a buy-in or other mandatory bet. Similar points are not taken into account, since such a Deposit of money to the prize pool does not apply to voluntary actions, most likely, it is simply required by the game rules. In other words, WIP in poker means the range of winning combinations in poker, which on the first street (preflop) the opponent considers possible for themselves and their further drawing. This indicator includes all active decisions of the player, in particular: equalizing (call), raising (raise) or skipping a move without obligations (check). Therefore, the VPIP indicator in poker is different for each gamer, and it is also allowed to fluctuate depending on the game situation. With similar data, the player it is highly likely to assume the strength of the opponent's card set. In Holdem Manager, VPIP is displayed as VPIP VP$IP and is measured exclusively as a percentage.

In addition to all the above, VPIP in poker is calculated from the total number of combinations already played.

For example, if a pre-flop participant voluntarily replenished the prize pool in situations out of cases, then this indicator will be equal to. In Holdem Manager, the VPIP indicator is in high demand among poker app users. If you look at the table of the order of cards that the hand participant receives, you can see possible combinations from to pocket Aces.

Having information about the player's VPIP indicators, it will be quite easy to calculate their range of actions before the flop.

Then, by referring to the indicator, you can use calculations for the number of combinations played to accurately determine the range of pocket cards used.

A similar method is used to determine an approximate range of the initial hands of any of those present at the game table.

Once you understand what the VPIP indicator is in poker, you also need to be able to apply the information correctly.

For example, based on the size of this data, you can choose the tactics of subsequent game management: so, now you know what VPIP is in poker disciplines. When evaluating the range of initial cards and the opponent's style, this indicator is one of the key ones. It is for this reason that experienced and successful players always take it into account when choosing the most effective tactic of behavior at the card table against their opponent. Here you can find the most up-to-date poker news, honest reviews of the best poker rooms on the planet and Analytics from current successful players that will allow you to conquer new poker peaks.

How to play Poker Stars for real money in Russia PokerStars for real money

PokerStars is the largest poker room with the largest number of cash tables, tournaments, freerolls and satellites for live poker seriesIn addition to this, PokerStars players are offered the highest traffic among all poker rooms and favorable bonus offers. Players from Russia can freely play any Poker Stars games for real money and withdraw winnings. All you need to do is install a stationary client or the PokerStars mobile app, register in the poker room and pass verification. The only condition for playing in this poker room for Russian players is to download not the usual PokerStars program, but its regional version PokerStars Sochi, which is not blocked by Roskomnadzor. It differs from the standard version only in the absence of an online casino and the presence of satellites for live poker series in Sochi. The pool of players, the variety of cash tables and tournaments remain unchanged - players from Russia also play against opponents from other countries of the world. Players often wonder How to play Pokerstars for real money? You can start playing PokerStars for real money at any time, just do it: after that, the PokerStars lobby will display tournaments and cash tables exclusively with playing for real money. After depositing the required amount, the player will be able to join them at any time. It is worth noting that in some cases, players in a stationary client do not have a cash register, as well as the ability to play for live money. The reason for this is is to install the program from the pokerstars website, not from pokerstars. From the first site, you can download the client for playing only on conditional chips, and from the second-for real money and conditional chips. To solve this problem, you just need to download the Poker Stars client for real money from the pokerstars resource. The minimum Deposit amount is$. Money is credited to your gaming account instantly and without any Commission. The minimum withdrawal amount to Bank cards is$, and to e-wallets and payment services- $. It is important to remember that you can top up your Deposit with MasterCard and Maestro payment cards, but you can't withdraw money to them. The deadline for processing withdrawal requests depends on the chosen method, but this is usually done within hours. It takes longer to withdraw money to Bank cards, which can take from to business days. Withdrawing money from PokerStars has a number of features that you need to take into account when making a Deposit here: Verification is required to confirm the real Amount. identification of the player and their legal age and is conducted directly through the poker room's support service.

To do this, you must send support a copy of your identity document and proof of your residential address, such as a Bank statement or utility bill.

Since the document verification process can take anywhere from to days, it is best to complete it immediately after signing up for PokerStars. You can play Pokerstars for real money in Russia with full confidence in getting any winnings, because This poker room has an impeccable global reputation. To play poker from the Russian territory without hindrance, we recommend downloading the PokerStars Sochi regional client from Its official website. If you still don't understand how to download poker Stars For real money in Russia, just click the button below.

rating Of poker Rooms by Number of Players online

The minimum amount to get Rakeback is.

Poker today is a popular Game among many gamblers who Value quality and reliability

To get acquainted with them, You need to carefully study The most popular rating of Poker rooms that offer to Play for free or for Real money.

For those who have successfully Registered, we offer a bonus For the first Deposit up To$ instead of the usual$. Review of the poker room It is also included in The rating of poker rooms And is aimed at Russian-Speaking users.

There is no bonus for The first Deposit, but you Can earn it in another Room from this network.

The book Of hold'Em poker By David Sklansky

as of today, he remains An active player

There is a huge amount Of educational literature on Texas Hold'em, the problem is That not all of them Deserve the attention of users And are worthy of being Considered excellent materialsBut there are such authors And such books that have Become popular with millions of Players around the world and Have become real bestsellers. One of the best publications Is "hold'em poker" by David Sklansky, even poker beginners Have probably heard this name And this book. It has trained thousands of Current professionals and continues to Do so.

What is the value of The material and who is Its author? David Sklansky is a world-Class poker star who has Won three world series of Poker bracelets and earned over A million dollars in his career.

According to him, he can'T imagine life without his Favorite activity. Sklansky is the author of Thirteen books, countless articles and Monographs, and two instructional videos. He also acts as a Consultant in the largest gambling Establishments in Las Vegas, received The nickname "Einstein" and "Mathematician" For his analytical mind. His most famous book is "Poker Theory", which explains the Fundamentals of the game as A whole. On the application of mathematical Calculations for conducting successful business. In "hold'em poker", David Describes the main game points Of Texas hold'em poker, The difficulty of choosing a Particular move in trading circles, And the behavior of participants In certain situations.

It is supported by other professionals

In his opinion, there are No absolutely correct decisions made And guaranteed algorithms for correct actions. It all depends on the Player's experience, intuition, and Mathematical abilities. Sklansky encourages you not to Focus too much on your Starting hands. He it convincingly proves that Success depends on the position In the draw, the table Limit, the behavior of opponents And the number of opponents. The author is sure that The strategy - "raise with pairs Of aces, and fold with Small cards" - which is followed By a huge number of Players, is absolutely unprofitable and Will lead to collapse. David attaches great importance to Mathematics in poker, without knowledge Of the exact Sciences, it Is simply impossible to become A successful player, the author believes. For example, another well-known Specialist, Harrington, actively refers to The book "hold'em poker" By Sklansky in his works. Sklansky's "hold'em poker" Has become a real table Book for hundreds of thousands Of poker fans. It reflects all the main And most important elements of Texas hold'em, the author Does not give any ready-Made strategies and winning recipes, He only creates the ground For the reader to find A successful style for himself.

David insists that it is Not enough to read his Book for success, you need To constantly and a lot More practice.

This is the only way To really reach a decent Level of earnings with the Help of poker.

Common myths About poker Tournaments

Of course, part of this Myth is truthful

Poker is one of the Most popular card games on The planet, but many fans Of gambling entertainment do not Even think about taking part In a live poker tournament, Considering that it is expensive And difficultWhat do you really need To know about poker tournaments To experience the emotions that A live game can bring At least once in your life? To do this, you don'T have to be a Pro, have a lot of Money and free time. In this article, we will Debunk three major myths about poker. Those who are not familiar With the world of poker Believe that taking part in A poker tournament is expensive. The prize pool of some Tournaments can be very impressive, And naturally consists of participation fees. However, some players get into The tournament by paying really pennies.

For example, you can take Part in virtual tournaments almost For free.

Satellites for live tournaments are Very often held online, and Cost very little, starting from One cent. For example, from November to December, Pokerdom will host an Online microcoop tournament. In total, the event schedule Includes more than a hundred Events with buy-ins starting From rubles. PokerDom also offers satellites and Freerolls for registered participants. And if you win, the Player will be able to Get a full package of Features that will allow you To participate in poker tournaments At a higher level. Also, the owners of the Package can count on the Fact that after winning they Will be fully paid for The trip to the tournament And accommodation. Some, we are sure, would Like to take part in A poker tournament. However they believe that it Is either too early to Sit down at the card Table, or it is already Too late. Of course, do not forget That any person who has Reached the age of majority Can become a player. That is, you can be Years old or even all – there will be no difference. At the age of, he Managed not only to prove Himself a professional player, but Also to win the Super High Roller Bowl tournament. Now the player is years Old and has already joined The PartyPoker team. It's also never too Late to start playing poker. For example, the poker world Knows -year-old Jack Urie.

Agree, this is a very Impressive age for a player.

URI was also able to Prove that age is not Important at poker tournaments at all.

Let's take the example Of Russian Timofey Kuznetsov

The main thing is to Be professional and enjoy the Process itself. You often hear that poker Tournaments are not held in Russia, and even if they Are, the prize pool is minimal. Some people also believe that Poker is best played abroad.

However, the Russian Federation has Long been able to boast Of major poker series.

For example, many poker tournaments Are held on the territory Of the Krasnaya Polyana gambling And entertainment zone. It is there, in the Local "Sochi Casino", that the Most high-profile poker series Are held. For example, the PokerSrtars Sochi Tournament organized by the PokerStars team. After winning this series, the Participant will not only be Able to take a decent Amount with them, but also Get a platinum pass from PokerStars worth $ thousand. The pass will provide an Opportunity to participate in poker Tournaments that will be held In the Bahamas. In addition, the winner will Be provided with a free Flight, pay for hotels, and In principle cover all his expenses. The tournament, by the way, Will be held at Casino Sochi from March to.

Now poker is not just A gambling entertainment, but also A game that can bring Together thousands of like-minded People at the tables, and As a pleasant bonus – Bring the winner an incredible Win and fame.

to become a member of The poker series, you don'T need to have a Large amount of money. It is best to simply Focus on the results and Show the poker community your Talent.

Average position The Poker Wiki

Average position engMiddle Position - the position at The poker table preflop, including Three players, following right behind The player in the cutoff While playing for the 'long' Table people, or including single Player, for the player in The cutoff while playing for The 'short' table people. The game in the middle Position is more loose than In the early position, but It should be quite neat, Since there are four other Players sitting next to it, Two of whom are in A stronger position.

However, if the players in Late position are quite tight, You can sometimes try to Steal the blinds.

Basic strategy Based on The book Poker. Course of

In addition, the concepts themselves Continue to change

After reading this book twice And playing or at least Trying this strategy for two Months, I came to the Conclusion that I don't Fully understand some pointsOf course, at some points There is not enough discipline To follow the BS. Somewhere trite, I limited myself To a cursory reading, without Serious reflection on what I Have written, but the fact Is that I am rereading The book for the third Time, putting a rethink on A different experience of the Game than two months ago, And I still have questions. I would like to discuss Them with the community, maybe Get an author's answer. It would be interesting to See the opinion of the Children from the experimental group On the questions voiced, and They will have a richer Experience of the game, and Something tells me that they Discussed many of the questions In class. The game is played on A pocket pair that remains An over pair when the Flop ends. We are looking at dangerous Flops where we can pass An over pair. We distinguish three types of Dangerous flops and give recommendations For the game: It is Completely incomprehensible to me why It is recommended to perform Three different actions on three Different types of flops. The danger for us is The same, regardless of the Type of flop - there is A high probability that we Are already younger.

So why do we have To perform different actions? It is necessary to somehow Detail the strategy in order To clarify our goals.

possible actions, otherwise-in the Head of readers confusion. Moreover, at this moment using The example of two aces, We do not divide the Game by the number of opponents. It is clear that the More opponents there are in The draw, the more passive Our game should be. Our word is the first, Before the flop we gave A bet, and on the Dangerous flop we checked. Basically, we've called your Opponent's bluff, and they Can bet even if they Don't have a hand. It is better to check Him with a raise - is He bluffing? If you throw it on A twist, it's a Bluff, but if you don'T, you get caught on The flop then we give Up the fight on the Next street and pass on The attack. I don't want to Throw out an over-pair Even on a dangerous flop, Especially since it is dangerous For the opponent, who may Also be afraid of our bet. I want to play so Much First of all, I Want to say the following. The book was written quite A long time ago, and We are not yet cast In bronze and continue to Change and improve. As a result, I would Have presented many aspects of The book differently now. I would change some accents. And in General I would Have made a contribution some Methodological changes. I recommend that you do Some of your sweepstakes differently today. In General, life goes on. It was written quite recently. I recommend you to watch It, some obscure points from The Course are explained there, In my opinion, better. It's best to actually See comments from teachers and Players in experimental groups.

It seems to me that They understand most of the Game issues today, at least As well as I do.

I think it's best To Explain to me why It is recommended to perform Three different actions on three Different types of flops.

The danger for us is The same, regardless of the Type of flop - there is A high probability that we Are already younger.

So why do we have To perform different actions? The hazard was incorrectly identified. I would say that the Danger of being younger is Always there-regardless of our Hand and Board. In fact, the most an Effective way to find a Solution is to analyze the Spectrum of the oppa and Its actions in response to Our decisions. In other words, an attack In such a situation is Called a shot into the void. Only the hands that are Stronger than we are will Respond to us.

I just gave another book Poker for beginners for layout

But if a check is Made, many hands that are Weaker than us will fight With us. But here the situation is ambiguous.

However, many draw hands will Attack in response to our Check, and by rearranging them With a raise, we get The most comfortable situation for Our overpair.

The Bank is enormously swayed Just when we are significantly stronger.

This increases the probability of Winning a serious pot, sometimes Even without opening it.

Possible checkall and Beth. But these are serious topics For serious work. In the book, we considered It necessary to tell only About one version of the draw. I can assure you that During classes at our school And expogroup, players consider a Good dozen such options. If OPP attacks on this Flop, he is VERY strong. And it is unlikely that Anyone here can be knocked Out by a check-raise. Accordingly, we proceed to the defense. Well, defending with a call Or pass really depends a Lot on the oppa's Spectrum and its characteristic reflexes. First of all, I want To say the following. The book was written quite A long time ago, and We are not yet cast In bronze and continue to Change and improve. As a result, I would Have presented many aspects of The book differently now. I would change some accents. I would also make some Methodological changes. In addition, the concepts themselves Continue to change. I recommend that you do Some of your sweepstakes differently today.

In General, life goes on.

I just gave another book Poker for beginners for layout. It was written quite recently. I recommend you to watch It, some obscure points from The Course are explained there, In my opinion, better.

No questions asked.

Changing concepts, re-thinking it'S all working moments. Moreover, revealing the logic - why Previously one decision was made For the database, and now Another-can be more useful Than simply specifying a template. I wrote the introduction not As a reproach, but as A seed for the branch, And, perhaps, an excuse for Myself that I did not Understand some points. In fact, the most effective Way to find a solution Is to analyze the spectrum Of the oppa and its Actions in response to our decisions. on aces, having an overpair.

But the decisions check-raise, Check-call that force us To continue fighting are indicated.

There is some kind of Contradiction here.

That is, we accept what Concept for ourselves? "we understand that there Is a high probability that We may be underperforming on These flops, but we also Understand that there are hands That will still fight us, Even if they are underperforming. And we do not give Up, but continue to fight? In this particular case kk Flop, we have aces, the Book gives an example that There are opponents against us, One gave a bet, and The second raised. This is a clear and Dangerous flop, and both opponents Are attacking, most likely someone Has a king.

Against many opponents pass decision.

Against one - call if we Want to keep it in The draw and spin it further?, or raise if we Want to knock it out immediately?, since the situation here Is ambiguous in the a spectrum. However, many draw hands will Attack in response to our Check, and by rearranging them With a raise, we get The most comfortable situation for Our overpair. The Bank is enormously swayed Just when we are significantly stronger. This increases the probability of Winning a serious pot, sometimes Even without opening it. Possible checkall and Beth. But these are serious topics For serious work. In the book, we considered It necessary to tell only About one version of the draw. I can assure you that During classes at our school And expogroup, players consider a Good dozen such options. Again, we have an over-Pair aces, a random flop Came out. We give a bet continuation Of the attack, and the Opponent who called on the Flop raises us. Based on the database, we Decide to re-raise and Enter the Allin. An example with a Gaussian Distribution is given that most Often the opponent will just Have the highest flop pair, Or some other coincidence, and Rarely-the strongest combinations, two Pairs and sets. And accordingly, the correct way To play low-limit poker Is to enter Allin on A random flop in such situations. However, according to personal experience NL, NL, this is what Nonsense it turns out. All hands that are not Flopped or hit poorly, one Match, even if it is The highest, go into the Pass on our bet, call The maximum, hoping to pull Something further. I only remember one time When I was raised by A single match - I have AA, he has AK and K on the flop. All sorts of smaller match - High call.

Accordingly, raising your con-bet On a random flop overwhelmingly Turned out to be either Two pairs or sets.

Accordingly, the question is-how Are such hands played in EG now? Has the database been updated now? After all, it's a Fact that the game has Recently been hidden, even at Low limits, especially in well-Known poker rooms.

Is Allin a plus when Reraising on an over pair On an arbitrary flop? accumulated statistics? This section of the book Describes the dangerous flops where We can trade aces with An overpair. But the decisions check-raise, Check-call that force us To continue fighting are indicated. There is some contradiction here.

Here it was, of course, On the flop, which we Do not so much have To pass, how to refuse konata.

I'll make a note For the next edition. Accordingly, the question is-how Are such hands played in EG now? Has the database been updated now? After all, it's a Fact that the game has Recently been hidden, even at Low limits, especially in well-Known poker rooms. Is Allin a plus when Reraising on an over pair On an arbitrary flop, and Are there any accumulated statistics? Use the tracker's filters To analyze what you are Being raised on the flop After your bet. If there are really two Pairs and higher, then there Is a strict pass. Personal experience and analysis are More important than General considerations. I don't know about EG, so let the guys answer. They have there's a Busy schedule of classes, and I don't think it'S as simple as the Book describes.

the section on playing the Small blind States that we Call the game even on Any suited aces, and the Table with recommendations for playing The small blind indicates the Range A s.

How to be the hands Of A s?. about playing the big blind, It says that we call The minimum raise only if At least three players have Called it in front of Us, and there is also A table for playing from The big blind with the Minimum raise in front of Us, which covers the situations For, and of his calls. What is there to believe? Should we enter the game If less than three players Have called the minimum raise In front of us? Leaving the table is up To you. This approach is possible: if You double it, you are Removed, if you have lost Half of the stack, you Add it. The book describes a conservative strategy. Playing on loose tables is Better suited for this type Of game.

It is on such tables That you will often pay For your premium hands.

In the small blind section States that we call the Game even on any suited Aces, and the table with Recommendations for playing the small Blind shows the range A s. How to be the hands Of A s? Play as it is written In the table. Generally speaking, this is a Scheme, and if you slightly Expand or narrow the range Of calls, nothing terrible will happen. about playing the big blind, It says that we call The minimum raise only if At least three players have Called it in front of Us, and there is also A table for playing from The big blind with the Minimum raise in front of Us, which covers the situations For, and of his calls. What is there to believe? Should we enter the game If less than three players Have called the minimum raise In front of us? After reading Your book, I Made up a version of The BS for myself, with Small as it seems to Me deviations, in order to Confuse opponents, Since there is No memory, at the first Stages I will have to Play with cheat sheets good On slow tables online it'S possible.

Poker bonuses The very Juice of Poker

If you are a beginner And just want to try Your hand at online poker, Then Party Poker with their Starting bonus is perfect for you

Party Poker is a poker Room based on the early Days of online poker, which Previously ranked first in the World of online poker.

the poker industry.

Party Poker registration and first Deposit bonus PokerMatch Poker Match Is the own poker room Of the popular betting company Pari Match.

Initially, the site was focused Only on players from Ukraine, But with the expansion of Its geography, other markets, including Russia, began to connect. The room uses user-friendly Software, just like the popular Pokerdom product, which allows you To play from a PC, Laptop, smartphone and tablet. Continue reading no Deposit bonus Of$ on PokerMatch Poker Match For registration, Large poker rooms Can afford very generous promotions. In the last couple of Years, the Party Poker room Has been constantly presenting surprises In the form of large-Scale promotions and bonuses. Today, the company decided to Please new players With a $ Bonus for new players in The Party Poker room: Pokerdom first Deposit bonus:  bonus up to, Rubles for poker or rubles For games in kazinoprom code When registering: POKSOK continue reading Pokerroom Pokerdom new bonuses and promo Codes room: AmericasCardRoom if the Link doesn't workNetwork: Winning Poker Network no Deposit bonus: $ To participate in the tournamentconditions Of withdrawal: tournament ticket winnings do Not require wagering Read more New $ no Deposit from AmericasCardRoom Poker room Just recently, we Wrote about the welcome freerolls Available to all new BreakOut Poker players.  But now the poker Room decided to please new Players even more and offered $ To everyone who registers in The room via the link On our website. The offer is limited in Time, so if you don'T already have a BreakOut Poker account, we recommend that You create one right now.

Continue reading $ no Deposit bonus For signing up at BreakOut Poker room: Partypokernetwork: partypokerall no Deposit bonus: $ in the form Of two tournament tickets wagering Conditions: Not required in the World of poker, no Deposit Bonuses are very rare.

They either appear in new Poker rooms for a short Period of time for quick Attraction players are either given Out on a regular basis In known rooms, but as A rule, most players already Have an account in them. Continue reading no Deposit bonus Of$ from PartyPoker poker room Poker room: upon registration: Psoknew Bonus: ≈, rubles tournaments of, Rubles eachConditions for withdrawal of Winnings: all winnings received in Free tournaments can be withdrawn Without restrictions Starting from January, Pokerdom launched an updated promo Campaign read more Pokerdom New Bonus when registering Who likes To receive bonuses? Especially if this is a Bonus with clear conditions, and Not one that will be Credited back during wagering. Just such a simple and Clear bonus is offered by The most popular poker room PokerStars to all its customers Read more $ for a free Game for new players PokerStars NetBet Poker is one of The most popular rooms of The iPoker network, especially in The post-Soviet countries. As you know, we are Very fond of freebies, and There is a sufficient amount Of them in NetBet Poker. First of all, here is One of the most generous Instant bonuses for the first Deposit- will go directly to The account without wagering, and Secondly, only here freerolls are Held almost every hour, and Admission to them can be Obtained without any conditions.  Read more Instant bonus Of for the first Deposit In NetBet Poker.

No Deposit Poker: how To start Playing with

This rule applies to mandatory Account verification

For any poker player, probably The most cherished desire is To play for real money, But at the same time Without having to risk their Own finances

And, I must admit that In modern conditions this is By no means a fantasy.

Because today, many poker rooms Offer their players the opportunity To get a no Deposit Bonus on their account, so That they can later play It at cash tables. First of all, it should Be noted that this bonus Is issued today to all New players in many poker rooms. And to get it, you Only need to meet one Requirement: be a new player In this poker room. Only in this case You Can expect to receive a Bonus to your account without Making a Deposit. The advantage of no Deposit Poker is that this bonus Is given to players just Like that, without having to Wager it. Similarly, you will not owe Anything to the poker room If you simply you will Lose all your bonus. However, some rooms impose their Own restrictions on no Deposit poker. In particular, these restrictions apply To the ability to withdraw These funds and the size Of the bonus. For example, most poker rooms Force you to play a Certain amount of money on Rakes before the entire bonus Amount is available for withdrawal. That is why this promotion Is doubly profitable for the Poker room. First, this way they attract New players who are tempted By bonuses and start playing.

And secondly, after giving a Player a bonus of, say, $, The player must bring at Least the same amount to The Bank of the poker Room before they can withdraw money.

It turns out that the Poker room itself does not Risk anything at all. In, several global poker rooms Started offering no Deposit poker To their players. Among them, you can distinguish, First of all, PokerDom, TitanPoker, PokerStars. However, in all these rooms, One requirement is met, which Must be met strictly every Player who wants to play Poker without a Deposit.

According to it, each player Is required to provide their Passport details including a good Quality passport photo to confirm Their account details.

And, it goes without saying That all data must be Specified correctly. This is done so that The same players do not Register multiple accounts to transfer Bonuses from one account to Another and then withdraw money From the system. However, if you play fairly And do not intend to Deceive anyone, then it will Not be difficult to withdraw The no Deposit bonus from Your account.

However, keep in mind that Different poker rooms give different Times for wagering the rake bonus.

And if you take into Account that in some of Them the bonus is up To $, we advise you to Plan your no Deposit poker Game in advance in order To win back all the Bonus provided to You.

Texas hold'Em strategy Best tips For

This is the main difference Between these concepts

It is Impossible to overstate The importance of strategy in pokerAll the more surprising is The number of players who Start playing the game without Thinking that it would be Nice to protect themselves in Some way! This is really crazy! It would be interesting to See Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather start fighting each other Without gloves! But this is the same As sitting down at the Table without knowing anything about How to play correctly.

The poker guide to Texas Hold'em strategy explains everything You need to know before Heading to the lion's den.

If you asked a hundred People to explain the difference Between strategy and tactics, few Of them would give you The right answer. Tactics are about planning your Game in the short term, And strategy is about planning Your game in the long term. Tactics are used when we Are in the thick of Things, and strategy is used When determining our game behavior In relation to many, many games. Here are five key strategic Areas to focus your attention On when playing Texas hold'Em for real money. As for the strategy of Texas hold'em tournaments, there Is a whole set of Other tips for poker tournaments. Although there may be a Lot of recommendations on poker Strategy, there are only of Them that are relevant for Beginners and those who have Already mastered the game a little. Starting hand, bet size, limit, Position, and when to fold. Many will argue that there Are many more such areas. In General, Yes. But if you master these Golden rules and follow them Consistently in your game, you'Ll be better than most Texas hold'em players. It is extremely important to Choose the right hand with Which to go into battle, That is, to play Texas Hold'em. But starting hands aren't everything. Position is something else to Consider when deciding whether to Play with a particular hand. In General, the closer you Are to the button on The right side, the wider The range of hands you Should start playing with. In addition, you need to Take into account the number Of players in the hand. A hand can have a Lower value how much you Will get if you are Facing one player, and a Much higher value if you Are facing six players.

Similarly, this same hand will Be much more important when Playing in head-to-head Tournaments, because there you need To convince only one person That you have a nut Hand! In other words, choosing a Starting hand is not so Much about choosing a strong Hand as it is about Choosing a hand in specific conditions.

For example, a hand that Contains connected connectors allows you To bluff effectively in one-On-one tournaments heads-up, But you will get more Money with it in the multipot. You can hardly get much Out of having connected connectors In heads-up. And even less so it Is likely that you will Be able to bluff with Such a multi-lot hand. Therefore, when analyzing a starting Hand, you need to immediately Understand how you need to Act postflop so that it Will bring you money. If you don't know This, then you're playing At random, and it's Hardly good poker. In No Limit games for Real money, players can bet As much as they want, Depending on the amount of Money on the table. This limitlessness is the cause Of problems for many players. The bet size is the Second most important bet among The Golden rules of Texas Hold'em. One of the best recommendations For correctly determining the size Of bets is to take Into account what is happening On the table. If the standard preflop raise is. big blinds, then if you Are a novice player, this Should be your maximum. If you decide to bet A large amount of money At once, the game may End sadly for you. The size of your bet Should be clear to your opponents. Otherwise, you just make it Harder for your opponents to Make a decision, and nothing more. This might even be a Good thing postflop. And preflop, this can lead To a loose call, which You probably don't need. If you raised preflop, then You are almost obliged to Put a continuation bet continuation bet. The size of the continuation Bet should be - of the Bank. The size of your bet Should confirm the strength of Your hand. This is especially true if You are playing with beginners. Most inexperienced players take a Large counter bet as proof Of strength. You will be able to Finish the hand, will leave You on the flop or not. Your opponents must know or Think that you beat them. If you bet too little, The answer may be a Reraise or check-raise, depending On your position. If the bet is too Large, the pot may go To a player with a Hand that would otherwise have lost. You are UTG at the -Max table with $ $ bets, the Game is No Limit Hold'Em for real money. You you get two pocket Jacks and raise the standard size. Players, with the exception of The dealer who calls, discard Their cards.

Conventionally, they can be called this

Both blinds fold. Ad-h-s come on The flop. An ACE is a scary Card, but you get the Feeling that BTN would reraise If it had a strong ACE, and fold if it Had a weak card. The stakes are too small, And a smart opponent will Raise based on an ACE And use the bluff to Knock you out. You confidently bet of the Pot and the rest are discarded. Not everything is always so Simple, and your opponent could Call using a suited ACE. And if d-d-d Come to the Board, and You have As-Ks in Your hands at multi-lot, Then the contbet will not Make any sense. But in other situations, the Continuation bet is standard and Required rates. And a correctly calculated counter Bet usually brings an excellent Result: your opponents fold their Cards, and you win the pot. Let's assume that you Decide to bluff with a Pot of $. you feel that your opponent Will almost certainly get scared And fold. If you bet $, you may Run into a problem if You make a mistake and Your opponent equalizes or worse. A $ bet would be bad.

Because if the bluff fails, You will simply lose your $.

Now consider the opposite situation. Let's say you have A nut hand. Then you need to try To bet in such a Way as to win as Much pot as possible. Let's assume that with Ad-Ks in hand and Playing heads-up, you have Reached the river with the Following cards on the Board: Ac-Kh-h-d-s. You are sure that your Opponent has at least an ACE. If the pot is $ and You bet $, and your opponent Immediately makes a snap call With two pairs, then you Probably lost. Perhaps this is another game That is not your game With bets of $-! In other words, this is A classic mistake in determining The bet size. A player who is successful In games like hold'em Is a player who makes The minimum number of sizing Errors bids. Of course, you don't Have the opportunity to see Your opponents cards when you Calculate the bet size. But you can take into Account the available information about Your opponents and their style Of play. For example, a loose player Is more likely to even Up with an average pair.

Therefore, if you have a Strong hand, increase your bets If you are playing with A tight opponent who is Likely to fold.

Most online poker players usually Enter the game with a raise. If someone else opens with A raise, they will either Call, re-raise, or fold The only move that is Rarely used by good players Is the preflop limit. Only one exception is allowed here. When the game is extremely Passive and you are likely To see a flop soon For very little money, even Though you have, for example, Connected connectors or any other Hand whose value can only Be determined on the flop And which has good potential. In any other case, it Makes sense to either raise Or drop it. Raising allows you to control Your hand and makes the Players who are leveling bets Think that you have a Strong hand. Good players usually attack those Who limp, because they perceive Them as weak. And as a rule, they Are right. That is, unless you need To see the flop for As little as possible, with Connected connectors as pocket cards, Or other potentially good cards, Avoid limping like the plague! The following fact is relatively Little known among Amateur poker players.

Poker is not so much About the bets you make As it is about the Bets you don't make.

And the main thing in This is to know when To reset. This is an important part Of poker strategy. Bad poker players are bad For many reasons, but most Importantly, they often don't Fold when they need to. But it is the reset That will help your bankroll Stay as whole as possible. Realize the need to fold In order to win more, Perhaps the most difficult part. In a real money game At a table with bets Of $ $ the small blind player Gets a mismatched A. the UTG player limps, and The player directly to the Right of the button raises. Our player has an ACE, But weak aces are the Achilles heel of many poker players. It is extremely imprudent to Play such a raise hand Without a multi-lot position. Our player decides to discard His hand and thus avoid Making a bet equal to The big blinds. If this player discards times In a session, they can Save $ x $. On the other hand, if The same player equalizes these Times in a session and Then loses, it will cost Them at least $. By discarding and saving $ in This way, our player can Act more aggressively with stronger cards. And if you play loose Without a position and have An average hand, our player Is likely to lose a Significant part of his stack. It can be beaten by Any ACE with a good Kicker or a high pair. That is, without knowing, when You need to reset, you Can lose a significant part Of your funds. Position is a term that Is constantly used in poker. A better position than your Opponent is one of the Most important advantages you can Have in poker. Many people don't understand this. If you can put these Tips for Texas hold'em Strategy into practice, you will Soon see a major change In your bankroll.

bonus on The first Three deposits From Mobile Poker Club

The reward amount can reach Up to $

The Mobile Poker Club poker Room has a permanent promo Offer for new customers who Receive a bonus on their First Deposit

The bonus promotion is intended For players who have not Previously played in the poker room.

Bonus wagering takes place by Collecting MMP points, which are Awarded for generating rake.

The minimum Deposit amount is $

For every $ from the room, You will need to collect MPP. To get the bonus, download The software and register in The Mobile Poker Club poker room. Go to "cashier" and select A convenient payment system. Specify the Deposit amount and Make the payment.

Immediately after receiving the money, The first part of the Bonus $-will be automatically credited To the game account.

Mobile Poker Club rewards active Players with reload bonuses. Promotional offers are sent in The newsletter to your email Address.

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